RANCH SPECIAL −★−Alice Little- Roleplay Encounters

Discussion in 'World Famous BunnyRanch Forum (Carson City)' started by AliceLittle, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. shelby-star
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    shelby-star Looks gets you, my personality brings you back!

    It would be fun for you to be a fireman who comes to the rescue of a very grateful Alice Little when you safe her and her little pig!
  2. If you save any of my pets, I would be overwhelmed with my thanks and appreciation, and would have to give you something to show how grateful I am ;-)
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  3. roxanneprice
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    roxanneprice •Hopeless Romantic •Legal Companion •Sexual Healer

    I suddenly want a fireman to save my cat. [smilie=happy.gif]
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  4. With a good imagination and planning there is no limit to the fun of our roleplay party. Let's make your fantasy come true together.
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  5. And you've quite the imagination from my understanding Alice ;)
  6. I like to be imaginative in the bedroom Regal <3
  7. I think you could be a very sexy Lt Beard
  8. That is true, and you are so whiling to go that extra mile.
  9. You smile like the sunshine sometimes Alice ;)
  10. I have some new Dom and Sub role play ideas Alice. Can't wait to share them.
  11. Dwayne
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    Dwayne Well-Known Member

    I would love the football player/Cheerleader fantasy playing High School football I never got the cheerleader but that a long story for a different day All the positions we could do and we could have Hollywood be the teacher who find us and she join in I get the best of both worlds the hot cheerleader and the hot teacher what a fantasy
  12. That does sound like a great idea man.
  13. The chance to live out some high school fantasies sounds fun.
  14. BiancaBardot
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    BiancaBardot Youngest Lover at Love Ranch Vegas!

    Those are some sexy role play ideas for sure! Thanks for sharing, Alice! [smilie=happy.gif]
  15. Thank you! I am hoping to get to play them out soon ;)
  16. auron79
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    auron79 Well-Known Member

    Oh I can think of a theme we can role play to and it would be the perfect timing for when I come back.
    "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good." ;)

    [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
  17. Man so many thoughts come to mind for a role play encounter... Always wanted to play out that one scene ;)

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