RANCH SPECIAL −★−Alice Little- Virgin Voyage- Helpful information for Virgins and First Time Clients - Updated 9/8

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  1. I never thought about going to a brothel to lose one's virginity.... Interesting.
  2. I was surprised how common it was when I first got here, but it does make a lot of sense.
  3. roxanneprice
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    Men appreciate the safe environment. They often feel more confident from the experience, too. :)
  4. True. I had one guy say he felt safe because I wasn't going to judge him on. I'm glad to offer that acceptance and security to clients.
  5. We can take it slowly, or whatever pace you want, your first time is all about how you want it to be to make that memory perfect.
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  6. roxanneprice
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    roxanneprice •Hopeless Romantic •Legal Companion •Sexual Healer

    Yes! The non-judgmental part is appealing too. I love virgins as much as you! :D
  7. Hannah Foxx
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    You certainly have a way with words! First times are scary and that can certainly translate to stress. Its amazing to feel that connection almost immediately to help put the clients at ease.
  8. cumishaamado
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    You're welcome Alice!!! You are awesome and adorable!!! Book with her today!!![smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
  9. Why didn't anyone tell me this was an option when I was younger LOL
  10. Very true, the connection is the best part of the experience.
  11. Amber Adams
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    Hey Virgins, why not spoil yourself to a sexploration before the New Year!!!
  12. shelby-star
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    Take the Virgin Voyage with Alice Little, you will love losing it with her!
  13. That would be one way to ring in the new year!
  14. The Holidays are looking very festive ;)
  15. Ashlyn Sparks
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  16. I second that, she does write very well.
  17. Thank you all! I try very hard to get info up in a way that connects with people :)

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