Line Ups for April???

Discussion in 'Line Ups and Events for Alien Cathouse' started by paulkay, Apr 11, 2017.

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I'll be passing through in a few weeks and I'm unsure who will be at the Alien the 22-25th of April? It's my favorite stop :) I like a little edgy, I wanted to check out Rubi Valentine but she doesn't appear to be there any more, my other favorite was Fendi Love and sadly she's not there either, I wanted to party with godess Vienna but she changed her plans, Holly parker sounded interesting but unsure she will be there.

    Anybody going to be home?
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  2. Hi sweetie, I'll be at Alien until May 1st! ;)
  3. You're just my type, and very sexy.... just don't know if I can afford
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  4. Lol, oh my gosh, you are so silly, of course you can afford me! just come by to find out my rates! <3 <3
  5. You are very lovely, what color is your hair right now? I've seen you go from blonde to brunette and even blue ( which I liked )?

    Will you be at the alien all weekend or will you also be at the love ranch lv?
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  6. I'm a blonde right now! I will be at alien everyday this week and weekend except I'm fully booked saturday.

    Give the cashier a call if you want to make an appointment ;)
  7. That would be perfect, how do you feel about Sunday at 1-2 am or so. Thats when I usually get to the Alien. ;)
  8. Okay honey, thats perfect, just do me a favor and call the cashier so she can reserve that time for us ;)
  9. Seriously though, where can u find a line up?Driving through in a little bit
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  10. I'm hereeee at Alien, come over :)
  11. I'll be there Saturday late or Sunday AM, can't commit to a time but I'll definitely ask for you. :)
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  12. Okay sweetie that works, see you then ;)

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