What tv or movie star would you like to sleep with?

Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by caressakisses, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. Kate Beckinsale and Mariska Hargitay. [smilie=hot over you.gif]
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  2. Ashlyn Sparks
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    Ashlyn Sparks Vintage Courtesan

  3. Carrera
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    Carrera Well-Known Member

    Oh yes very good choice, very likable
  4. Kevin hart he is really funny to me
  5. Carrera
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    Carrera Well-Known Member

    He is very funny as well, great actor .
  6. Niyah Griffin
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    Niyah Griffin Im YOUR Luxury Get AWAY

    'LL cool J is my number 1 pick
  7. AminaClark
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    AminaClark Well-Known Member

    Tv Stars: Olivia Pope (Scandal), Michael (Prison Break), Ruxin (The Legue), Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer)

    Movie Stars: Denzel Washington, DeRay Davis, Brad Pitt, Kate Beckinsale, Theo James, Scott Speedmen, and so many more!
  8. Haley Lisbeth
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    Haley Lisbeth Well-Known Member

    Aaron Hotchner from Criminal Minds! Mmmmm my gawd yes! Yes! YES!!!

    ..and also:
    Mark Wahlberg.
    Channing Tatum.
  9. HBO Cathouse Series= Sunset Thomas & Bunny Luv & Brooke Taylor & @Air Force Amy & @caressakisses & @sunnylane Oh yeah already have done that and been with them. [smilie=heart fill with love.gif] Guess that just leaves 2 people.
    Friends with Benefits & That 70's Show= Mila Kunis Empire & Lego Batman movie well known DIVA= Mariah Carey
    1 Mila.jpg 1 Mariah .jpg
  10. Jennifer love Hewitt the bella twins from WWE. Jennifer Lopez

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  11. DD Moonlight
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    DD Moonlight Artist, Muse, and Tantric Practioner

    Girl or Guy or Both? Need the specifics, why of course, darlin.
    love and respect,
    DD Moonlight www.loveranch/ddmoonlight.net
    Twitter @ddmoonlight69
    Happy New Year's, lovely
  12. It is overall in general. What you would do.
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  13. DD Moonlight
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    DD Moonlight Artist, Muse, and Tantric Practioner

    Guy: Jason Momoa
    Girl: Kate Winslet
  14. Kasey Black
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    Kasey Black Well-Known Member

    Mark Wahlberg.
    Nicholas Cage.
    Jack Sparrow
    Channing Tatum.
  15. I have to add someone. For Sunset was joking with me at AVN. It took ya 3 years but ya have finally partied with all us girls in Cathouse Series. I don' think anyone has done that yet your the 1st. I am shocked you are still alive after @caressakisses & Brooke. Surprised those 2 didn't kill you for ya going off with Barbie before them. However that is not true. 1 person missing from that crew Isabella Soprano
  16. AliceLittle
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    AliceLittle Alice Little, Bunny Ranch

    Gal Gadot

    [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
  17. Air Force Amy
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    Air Force Amy Daily new & xxx pics & vids @airforceamy

    And I can see why! [smilie=hot over you.gif][smilie=hot over you.gif]
  18. C_Note_KY
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    C_Note_KY Well-Known Member

    a perfect choice for Wonder Woman

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