A-Z Books [emoji432] with Olivia Green

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  1. Slaughterhouse-Five
    by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
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  2. The Talisman - Sir Walter Scott :cool: [smilie=hi ya!.gif]
  3. Ultraviolet by R.J. Anderson[smilie=happy.gif]
  4. Velocity - Dean Koontz :cool: [smilie=hi ya!.gif]
  5. Water for Elephants
    By Sara Gruen
  6. Xala - Ousmane Sembene :cool: [smilie=hi ya!.gif]
  7. You Lucky Dog
    Julia London
  8. Zoe’s Tale - John Scalzi :cool: [smilie=hi ya!.gif]
  9. Antigone
    By Jean Anouilh
  10. Bag of Bones. - Stephen King :cool: [smilie=hi ya!.gif]
  11. The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer
  12. Damnation Alley - Roger Zelanzy :cool: [smilie=hi ya!.gif]
  13. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman
  14. Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury :cool: [smilie=hi ya!.gif]
  15. Geek Love by Katherine Dunn[smilie=happy.gif]
  16. Hail the Conquering Hero. - Frank Yerby :cool: [smilie=hi ya!.gif]
  17. In Paris With You by Clementine Beauvais
  18. Jarhead - Anthony Swofford :cool: [smilie=hi ya!.gif]
  19. Kim
    By Rudyard Kipling
  20. Labyrinth of Evil - James Luceno :cool: [smilie=hi ya!.gif]
  21. Mansfield Park
    by Jane Austen
  22. Nature - Ralph Waldo Emerson :cool: [smilie=hi ya!.gif]
  23. Of Human Bondage by W Somerset Maugham
  24. Paradise Lost - John Milton :cool: [smilie=hi ya!.gif]
  25. The Q Continuum
    by Greg Cox
  26. Rainbow Six - Tom Clancy :cool: [smilie=hi ya!.gif]
  27. The Screwtape Letters
    By C.S. Lewis
  28. The Talented Mr. Ridley - Patricia Highsmith :cool: [smilie=hi ya!.gif]
  29. Up From Slavery by Booker T. Washington
  30. Velocity - Dean Koontz :cool: [smilie=hi ya!.gif]
  31. Xingu
    By Edith Wharton
  32. You Can’t Go Home Again - Thomas Wolfe :cool: [smilie=hi ya!.gif]
  33. “Zami: A New Spelling of My Name” by Audre Lorde
  34. Alice in Wonderland
    [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
  35. Bridget Jones's Diary by Helen Fielding