Awesome party (Cinnamon Sweet / Miss Pixie)

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  1. I had the pleasure to fulfill a long time wish to visit the ranch one day. Finally in November that desire came to a reality. The first night I partied with a beautiful girl at the ranch and had a really good time. She was a beautiful girl and we had a fantastic time.

    The next night I had a party set with Cinnamon Sweet. I had asked her if she knew a friend that could join us knowing the fetish I was into and would she be interested?
    Then I decided that because of the money issue, I would only go with one girl, Cinnamon.

    She told me that if that is my decision, it's ok but she thought I would like her friend as well as her. I thought it was all about the money and not what I wanted and was still skeptical.... So I thought about it and thought about it some more and then decided to go for the 2 girl party. It was a once in a lifetime chance I thought.

    Well never in my wildest imagination did I ever expect these girls to be so awesome.
    She set us up in the VIP room for one. Again I thought it was going to be money not wisely spent but went for it. Filled up the hot tub for when we were finished. And then we got into the party. These girls were all over me. It was so fast paced and satisfying I could have never imagined what I was in for that night. As far as my fetish, I think they were into it more than I at times. Miss Pixie was the 2nd girl in the party and she took charge of the whole party. A giggly girl and both were very sensual and loving. It only took a minute or two and I felt like I knew them for years.. They were both very caring and being sure I was happy was their top priority the entire hour. The money was very affordable, the time very memorable, and when I go back to the lover's ranch, I want no other girls. I'd party with these two over and over and over. I would strongly recommend these girls to everyone
    if you are seeking girls that will party with you like they care about you.

    Both were beautiful and awesome. I will never forget that night. I am so glad that Cinnamon convinced me to party with both girls. They worked me over like I will never be worked over again, that is unless I do another party with these amazing hotties

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    Awwww thank you Bobby!!!

    Indeed it was an awesome party, I am glad you had a good time and that Pixie and I made your fetish party memorable and exciting for you! Your right I think we did take it over and enjoyed it more then you thought we would! I have a new favorite fetish hehe and I just love Fetish parties!!! I am also glad you listen to me on having Pixie join us, see I would never miss lead on a time of your life party! I can't wait for the next one!!!!

    By the way, I love your user name haha your too funny. I also wanted you to know I enjoyed being your pin-pal and the emails leading to the party, you really know how to make a girl laugh!


    Cinnamon Sweets [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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    Great report Cinnys Seat. I have heard some amazing stories about these ladies one on one but together. That must have been a awesome time!!! Glad you got to experience these two wonderful and sexy ladies. :)
  4. this is a precursor of things to come
  5. I loved reading this review, for two reasons. First, you wrote a really good review, Cinny's Seat. Second, it's sort of validating to know that others share my opinion of Cinnamon and I wasn't delusional. She's pretty awesome and no doubt about it.
  6. Wow, that must have been so much fun!
  7. cinnamon
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    cinnamon Making Memories, You'll Never Forget!!!

    Haha that was some party! I sure do miss Pixie!!! Thank you for the great review again and I just wanted you to know I am back at Love Ranch North! I hope your doing well and come back again for one of my favorite Fetish Party Ever!!! hehe
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    Very nice glad you had a great time in VIP at the Love Ranch great choice of ladies

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