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    I "stole" this from Madam Suzette and made it a Sticky.

    Chat room members:

    The following are rules for LIVE chat. Please follow and respect the rules, or you are subject to being banned, permanently.

    1. NO sex chat/cyber sex or phone-sex requests.
    2. NO harassing any members.
    3. NO nude photos (except staff).
    4. NO discussion of prices/rates.
    5. NO multiple user names.
    6. NO flame wars (trash talking among members).
    7. NO offensive language toward women.
    8. NO soliciting.
    9. NO impersonating other chat members or ladies.
    10. NO discussion of other adult-oriented services, communities or brothels.
    11. NO UNSOLICITED private messages to ANY members, especially the ladies. Please ask for permission FIRST in public chat before sending a private message in the chat room.

    When filing a complaint with a moderate about someone violating any of the above rules, please copy and paste the conversation so a moderator can use the correct action on the violator. If you do NOT, we can NOT warn them and/or ban them.

    Thank you and Enjoy chat.
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