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  1. I cant get the chat bar anymore at the bottom of the page? Chat is a continuing problem for me..

    there was also a conversation under my name, that I didn't participate in. it looks like the guy was talking to me... although it wasn't me. Of course now that I have spoken up about it i can no longer get the chat bar at the bottom of the page and log in.
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    I have that same problem on the computer. If I open the forum on my cell or tablet I can click on the chat now link if it does pop up to open the chat menu in another window.
  3. I'm glad to see it isn't just me having this problem.
  4. I'm working on it....I will keep everyone posted....Please post here once it works on your computer so we can ensure its working for everyone....
  5. Looks like the chat bar is back up and running. Thanks, Freaky.
  6. Yeah - sorry it took a minute.

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