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  1. FreyaNovia
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    FreyaNovia Your curvy Latina MILF


    I recently discovered Tequila Mules - tequila and ginger beer! :p
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  2. SkyeMonroe
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    SkyeMonroe Curvy companion

    I don’t have a picture of it but definitely 1942 for me :)
  3. I do not drink alcohol very often. I had two beers when I was at karaoke night at Sagebrush in September. Then about 8 days ago I fell into an insanely bad depression due to a recent personal tragedy and chugged 8 beers in an afternoon and got really drunk. That was the first time in 5 years I'd been drunk.

    But my favorite drink is Coke Zero. I am hooked on the stuff. After that, I love A&W Zero Root Beer. Also, the diet root beer from the fountain at Culver's (Midwestern regional burger chain) is extremely refreshing on a hot day.

    I'd love to try more mixed drinks, but bars never have a menu available.
  4. So classy! I could also see you drinking an old fashioned...
  5. FreyaNovia
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    FreyaNovia Your curvy Latina MILF

    My favorite non-alcoholic drink is Coke Zero!
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  6. wrb55rosco
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    I’m likening how many ,who like Coke Zero. I too enjoy it…..
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  7. SAKE
    yummy either way
  8. Old Nick
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    Coke, Mountain Dew (Code Red), Powerade (red and blue), and Sprite.

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