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  1. I'm new to all of this. Yes I have some posts, but I wanna know more about brothels. If any of you ladies can please help me out, that would be great.
    Two questions I have to start.
    1) if I go to a brothel, will a background check be conducted on me. I'm somewhat a private person, and I would like to keep my personal life private, unless I give out details about myself
    2) I'm I going to be judged by my appearance? I'm an average looking guy, handsome, I would like to think, but I'm not celebrity good looking.

    Thank you
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    No of course there’s no background checks done on clients! If you are paying by a debit/credit card you will be asked for your ID as well but that’s just for the accounting department and your information gets shredded.
    As for your second questions absolutely not, you do not get judged by your appearance with me. I always find something I’m attracted to on a person. Book an appointment with the lady of your choosing and Have fun! If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to shoot me an email. I’m friendly and would love to help you out.
    [email protected]
  3. No background check. They wouldn’t have time for that and it would hurt business being that invasive.
  4. I appreciate the info. Thank you. I'm reading back my post, and it states I have some posts. I must of been nervous while typing, because it should stated read some posts. This was my first post.
    Well I'm planning a trip to Nevada in July to attend a convention. I think I just might stop at the ranch on my visit
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  5. Where is your convention? Is it in Las Vegas? Don't underestimate the size of Nevada. Some people fail to grasp the geography. Nevada is the 7th largest state in the country. Be aware that the ranches are in the Reno / Carson City area which is 430 miles northwest of Las Vegas. The Pacific ocean is closer. The distance from Vegas to the ranches is about twice the distance from them to San Francisco.
  6. The Silver Age Comic Con, in the Reno Sparks Convention.
    I saw the map from the convention to the ranch, and its just about 35 minutes away
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  7. It's good that you've done your homework. Some people come around and can't grasp that there is a ton of distance between major metropolitan centers in Nevada. I stayed in Reno during my visit back in September. Stayed at some 12 story Ramada Inn which I guess was on the ugly side of town. But at least the room was comfortable.
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    Beast nothing to worry about regarding your appearance, I'm sure you're more attractive than you give yourself credit for. Plus, I judge men more on their personality than their appearances
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  9. That's good to know. I see my personality as goofy, serious, and fun. Pretty much I'm a a grown man, that acts like a big kid. When it comes to work, all business, but when it comes to having fun, I'm like a little kid in a candy store. That's my personality.
    When I come in July, I'm going to a comic book convention. Thinking about dressing up, but not 100% sure yet
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    Omg do it! I would love to see your costume babes!
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  11. Well I don't consider me wearing a costume. If I dress up, then I will be something that I'm not. Yet if I dress as myself, then I will be BATMAN'S cleverest villian. No matter what clues I give him for my next job, he always seems to solve it. I figure at the convention, I can hide out there, and BATMAN will not find me. (Villian Laugh)

    Okay okay. No I'm not a BATMAN villian, but I will be dressed as one of his villians.
    I'm a fan of BATMAN (favorite hero), and one of his villians. The question is, which villian will I be going as?
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    Beast you're too funny about BATMAN not finding you there. Please do clue us in on which villian when you figure it out. I've never been to a Comic Con. I hope to meet you, I love men that are grown kids at heart
  13. Audrey, I already figured out who I'm gonna be. The "question" is why would I figure out who I wanna be, when I'm already him"?" As you can see I'm talking in jokes, but they are not jokes, it's something else. Another "question" is what I'm I talking in, if not in jokes, when what"?"
    Will I go as Joker"?"
    Will I go as Riddler"?"
    Or will I go as Penguin"?"
    I can tell you this, I sometimes go by the name Edward.
    So last "question", who will I be"?"

    Now for the real me. Yes I'm a big kid at heart. I have been going to Comic Cons for years now. Basically it's just one time of the year I can let loose. As for the clues, on which I will be, well I left them in the first paragraph.

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