I’m back! What’s your fav board game?

Discussion in 'Sagebrush Ranch Carson City Forum' started by HunterBliss, Apr 2, 2022.

  1. HunterBliss
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    HunterBliss "Life without love is a life not yet lived."

    Whew! It’s been a long winter. It’s FINALLY spring, and still freezing, but hey, at least it’s like 4 degrees warmer than usual. I’ll take it.
    So- since I was on vacay… How have you all been?

    Any fun plans? Or have you all been sitting at home because of rain and snow?
    Here’s an update pic for y’all-

    Well- anyway, I have a super important question. Like, it will make or break the universe.

    What are your favorite card and/or board games?
    I’m ordering them but I’m not sure which to get!
    Let me know how you’ve been and help me find some games!!
    xxx Hunter
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  2. Davefem
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    Davefem Active Member

    My favorite game is Monopoly. It is funny to be a real estate baron.
  3. RebeccaBrite
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    RebeccaBrite Well-Known Member

    Hey girl, how have you been?! Anything extra exciting happen while you were away?

    I love the board game Terraforming Mars.
  4. wrb55rosco
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    wrb55rosco Well-Known Member

    Mine still is Monopoly..Been playing it for over 50 years now…..
  5. lover5
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    lover5 Well-Known Member

    I used to like the games Life and Risk while growing up we would play them a lot and of course Monopoly

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