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  1. I love the stories that come across my desk of horror stories about illegal sex workers, this is why legal sex is the only way, feel free to add your horror story links to this

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  2. 600 JAILED WOW


    TY BH

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  4. HollyWood
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    HollyWood I'll go the distance to make a difference...

    Crazy stories!! Coming to the BunnyRanch is the SAFEST and CLEANEST way to have fun!! You're identity is safe, your life is safe and you'll never go to jail!!!
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  5. Totally agree with Hollywood ! Dodge the risk of Finding yourself in problems, bunny ranch is the spot!! best action in town !! xo

    This is what happens when the sex biz is illegal you get criminals in the biz, this is awful

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    your thoughts ?
  7. TN_MAN
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    Several years ago while at a concert in Knoxville,Tn.I was walking out to my car from the arena.I was approached by a woman that was dressed really nice.She looked like she might have worked in a bank or something.She asked if I would like to spend some time with her at the Hotel down the road.My first thought was this is a sting of some kind.But I told her that I needed to get to the Hospital where I worked on an emergency call.I guess it's true all men lie :mrgreen: I remember getting in my car and looking out of my rear-view to see if a cop car might be following.I was honestly thinking this was an undercover sting of a deal.And this is why BunnyLand is the only place on Earth to have naked fun.
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  8. This is one among many of the horror stories that happens in sex trade. These people got a slap on the wrist for what they did. That woman shouldn't have even gotten her kids back so fast. that kind of a mother is unfit to raise children. Look at how many lives she ruined. Great post Dennis. Awareness is key.
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  9. I've heard of so many agencies sending out women who looked nothing like their photographs. I've heard of underage girls working but saying they were 18. I've heard of illegal women with stds, pimps, abuse.. The list could go on and on. That's why the legal bunnyranch is so wonderful.

    Love you daddy d.
  10. SharinMoore
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    I've been in this industry 12 yrs and the horror stories I've heard over the years are crazy! Legal, safe, fun at the brothel is the only way to go these days! Come on out and experience a legal establishment! I've always said if there were legal brothels in every major city there would be less opportunity for the bad stuff to happen.
  11. It is legal over here but there are still girls working the streets and there have been many that have been murdered
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  12. This would be a great reddit topic.
  13. charlie_k
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    Yeah !! this is scary . I have had bad experience too outside ranch and there are chances that you will end up creating trouble for yourself. Legal brothels are so much more fun. -
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  15. While I was on vacation in Hawaii, I was approach by a young woman asking me for I needed a date. I told her no. I had the same feeling as TN Man. I thought it was a string operation. A few minutes later a bunch of police arrested a man that was right behind me.
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  16. These stories are out of control!

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  17. The same thing happened to mw, I was walking and was confronted by a women, claiming something. I was stopped to talk to her, etc. Yep, I assumed it was a sting. Walked away laughing my rear end off. Never try to con a victim of 30 years of being ripped off, never try and tell a person a story and change the story line. Its simple to stop cons. No proof, will meet later, need monies now, etc. Send mail to a address, google works or GPS the location. Zip code + four, if it missing, most likely then its fake. I walked away and a truck pulled into a parking stall, and it was a squad car. I never ceases too amaze me the tricks people try. I could walk into bar and dit down somewhere and I'd be ignored. If I had a suit on, private booth then somebody would give a rats rear end about me. And was buying high end rail drinks at a fancy high end venue. I was at my parents house they get a phone call claiming its the grandkids and a story is told. I laugh my arse off, they grandkids call and don't ask for money, etc. Its sad, it happens all the time and people get ripped off. Case in point, assume that your ID has been stolen, the con's Ares using your name , SSN, etc as a "partnership buisness structure" and your getting ripped off. Yes, I gave my buisness management degree and I've found out the hard way. Assume your ID has been stolen, since the day your born. Its easy. I think somebody was working at truck shop that maintains the "shredding trucks", removed the parts that destroy the paper or anvils, hammers, blades, etc ? . Put it back together and visited the banks and "operated " the shredder. Yes, you ask how I know. I held a "Interim secret Clearance" or a short term clearance. Credit unions are Corporations, there in perputal buisness structure. Can't shred anything.
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  18. I love it here in Australia we do not have to stress about getting aressted
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  19. RandamnHero
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    I remember one time I was feeling so down and out about my virginity that I considered looking at the backpages.

    Three instances took place in the news that pretty much scared me to death.

    One: There was a huge sting that took place down town that lead to the arrest of over 4o people, johns and prostitutes. They had their mugshots all over the news, pretty much publicly shamed, thrown in jail, fined.
    Two: Guy is sent to the hospital after having his genitals bitten into by an illegal prostitute.
    Three: Guy meets up with an illegal prostitute, gets met with her and 2 other guys, they rob him and shoot him in the chest.
  20. Why a man would ever treat a woman like this is simply beyond by reasoning capabilities. I'm glad his last victim became our hero even though her life has been forever changed.
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  21. Nothing as bad as the stories being posted here, but I had a co-worker who ended up missing 3 days of work which was odd because he was Mr. Punctuality. Turns out he got busted for soliciting and they ended up letting him go.
  22. Makes me all the more glad I live in Australia
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  23. GezabelleSinclaire
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    It is so sad to hear of all the horror stories that happen to these ladies. Legal sex is the best sex!!
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  24. GoddessVienna
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    Come here and get it LEGAL with ladies who are tested weekly- clean enough to literally eat off of!

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  25. We Are Legal...Confidential...Healthy Tested Adult Entertainers....

  26. image.jpg I remember reading a Newspaper article a few years back about an Escort who stole her clients Rolex and hid it in her you know what... Crazy Stuff....Poor Gentleman...
  27. Dennis if you ever want to hear my opinion of the illegal business I'd be happy to discuss with you one night over drinks Dennis! so thankful you do what you do Daddy Dennis!
  28. LexieJames
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    LexieJames Anything and everything you desire...

    It sucks that those horror stories don't always get fully separated from what we do!! This is so different and so much better!
  29. One night I met a woman who took me home with her. I spent the night (Wednesday) and she invited me to come back Friday, so I made a,date for dinner and drinks. She had a baby that stayed with a babysitter, I'm guessing under a year old.

    So Friday I go to pick her up and some guy answers the door in Army fatigues and a gun. I said I was there to see Bonnie (not get real name) and he said "Sure, but you pay like everybody else." There were three other guys in the apartment, all in Army fatigues.

    I said I wasn't paying anything and left. I saw a deputy sheriff I recognized down the block and told him about the encounter. He investigated.

    It turns out the guy with the gun was her ex- husband and was pimping out his ex-wife to his service buddies by threatening her and their baby with the gun.

    Thank God I didn't go in the apartment, and walked away quickly.
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  30. its a dirty biz till its legal
  31. Amen. Sometimes people nit even involved get caught in the middle.

  32. today diamond sky who is from chicago sent me a pic of s girl muredered on back page SO SAD

    Yesterday I got an e from a guy that was jailed for being with a online girl sting, he pled to charge and now they are taking him to court to MAKE HIM A REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER and wants my help WTF do not get yourself in that spot to start with
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  33. This is why I don't fool around with illegal prostitution. Too many things can happen that take or ruin lives.
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  34. LoverOfWomen
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    The only story I ever remember hearing was about a guy waking up in a BathTub full of Ice and a note telling him to call a doctor because they had Cut out one of his kidneys and part of his liver !!! :eek: This was said to have happened in a Vegas Casinos !!! :eek:
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