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    Hi there,

    There are some visitors to the Ranches who do not know how to use our message board. They want to write a review of the Lady (or Ladies) they visited, but they do not know where or how to start. This is a quick guide on how to write a review.

    First, you must be a registered user on our message board in order to post.


    If you are not a registered user, this is how you can register*.

    Click register on the front page.


    Then fill out the form on the second page. Be sure to change your time zone.


    *If you are looking for your confirmation email when you register, be sure to check your junkmail folders. Sometimes mail programs put communications from the ranches into junk mail.


    If you are a registered user or if you just registered, the next thing you should do is open up a text document on your computer and write your review there. Why should you do this? There are a few good reasons.

    First, sometimes the message board breaks. If it breaks while you are writing your review, it may be lost. Since people put a lot of feeling into their writing when they write a review, it can be very sad and hard to start writing again.

    Second, you should write your review as a document is that some ladies will like to see the text of what you want to post before your post it. If the Lady (or Ladies) ask to see your review before you post, send her a copy. ( not a rule though)

    As far as writing your review, you should avoid any details that are very graphic. Yes, this is an adult message board and we do sexual and intimate things, but you can't use language that is rude to describe your activities. You should also never discuss price on any review or posts on this board as it is illegal.

    Once you have your review written, the next thing you need to do is go to the message board*. Make sure you are logged in using your username.

    * not a rule to write a text document, but it will protect your thoughts from being lost.

    On the main page of the message board is there are several sections. The middle section is called "General". Near the bottom of this section is a sub-section called "Real Life Ranch Reports".

    You will click this.


    This will bring you to the "Real Life Ranch Reports" section. There is a button called "new topic". You will click this.


    This will bring up the new post screen.


    In here at the top, you will want to name your post. You can call it what you like, but be sure to include the Lady's (or Ladies') name.

    For Example: "My wonderful Wed. night with Bethany Rose" or "Takes three to tangle! Andrea and Sally 2girl party"

    Then you will want to paste in the review you wrote, or, if you did not submit the review to the Lady (or Ladies) before, this is where you can write it now. Remember to send the lady/ladies a email informing that you wrote a review, this way they can respond to it. Also, if the webpage crashes, you can just re-copy from the document you have and re-post. If you do not have a pre-written copy and webpages crashes, you will have to re-write.

    Finally, when you are done, you can hit the submit button at the bottom. Be sure to click it just one time only. Sometimes the message board takes a short time to accept your post. If you click the button many times, you may make several copies.

    I hope this will help the people who come to our Ranches to write reviews.

    Reviews are important for us because they show that you care, and it can maybe help us find new people with whom we can become intimate friends.

    Thank you JustAverage for put an idea into words and pictures. I think it will be a great help for people to learn how to leave a review for their ladies.

    If you read this post and happen to have any questions send me a email [email protected]

    Kisses [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]

    Jade Capri
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