My Friend Dennis! My Thoughts Prayers and Condolences to Everyone!

Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Tony Dark, Oct 18, 2018.

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    The past few days I've been trying to figure out how to honor my friend Dennis on the boards!
    First of all to Suzette the Ladies and Staff you all are in my thoughts and prayers!
    There has been a hole in my chest since I got the news that Dennis passed away. It took a couple days and I guess I'm ready to share my feelings.
    I've read some of the things people are saying about my friend Good and Bad and I wanted to share my story!
    Now I didn't work for Dennis! I didn't see him everyday! We didn't talk everyday! So my opinion is based on how he treated me over the past 6 years.
    I was one of the few people that got to hang out with Dennis when I came to town. I never talked about or told anyone. To me it felt like bragging. To me our friendship was special and I was honored and humbled by it. I was this little Black guy from a small town! I was doing small parties and I never thought of myself as anyone important or a VIP! But for whatever reason Dennis Suzette the ladies and staff welcomed me into the Bunny Ranch Family!
    The night I met Dennis he was sitting at the bar and I was introduced to him. We talked and he said I want to give him a shirt. So he told the door girl to give me a bunny ranch shirt. Well soon one shirt turned into about 5 and a bunny ranch cap. I was humbled and shocked! I was a nobody. I had just met him and he gave me all this stuff. When I got home I had to tell someone I met Dennis Hof and what he did for me. The only person I could tell that would keep it a secret was my mom!lol
    I know sounds weird but not really because for all of you that don't know my mom is a Minister.
    I had been coming to the ranch for about a year and no one knew. I felt like if something happened to me when I was there my mom would only hear the negative parts of the ranch she would never know how much everyone there has done for me. So I told her. The funny thing is she said what's the Bunny Ranch? Then she said Dennis who? She didn't know anything about it. She said your an adult as long as your ok that's all I can say. Over the years we had a lot debates about the Brothels and religion. She never judged the ladies or Dennis. She always said Hate the Sin LOVE the PERSON! It's not about what they do it's about how they treat you! That's all I care about!
    One year my mom sent a birthday card with me to Dennis for his Birthday. She added letter. I don't know what she said but after that Dennis and my mom were friends. He did something really special for my mom that will remain between them.
    I would call her when I was at the ranch and sometimes Dennis would get to talk to her or I would text him if I was visiting her. Dennis would always ask about her when I would see him. Actually when I come to the ranch everyone asks about her. Heck some of the ladies ask about my mom before asking how I'm doing!lol I'm kidding!
    Dennis would always end our conversations with make sure you hug mom for me!
    Over the years I would get to go to dinner with Dennis call and text him. I never bugged him or took advantage of our friendship or the privilege of being able to call him. I would sit and listen to his stories, ask questions and he would give me encouragement and advice. When we would go places together Dennis would introduce me like I was his guest and he made me feel like he was as Excited to be hanging out with me as I was with him! I would sit back and watch the people's faces when we would walk into a resturant or casino. Whispers, pointing, laughter, eyes bugging, out every emotion you can think of. One time we walked in to a casino and it sounded like ever slot machine stopped you could here a pin drop and all eyes were on us! Dennis never paid it any attention he always focused on me, the ladies we were with and our conversation. I would watch Dennis as people would approach him for autographs and pictures. He always made time for anyone that wanted to meet him! At the ranch I would sit at the bar and watch visitors come in and if Dennis was sitting in the parlor he would say Hi to everyone that walked in! He would take time to get know them offer them a drink... The people would walk by me saying things like I can't believe I met Dennis Hof!
    One day I asked Dennis what is it like to be you? Dennis said
    Tony I will tell you. I was rich before I started doing this so it isn't about the money!
    I'm having FUN!
    Plus I get to meet guys like That was Dennis always making it about me!
    I have a million stories and a million memories of Dennis!
    Before I met Dennis!
    I was a Fan of The Pimp!
    Who would become my Friend!
    Who treated me like Family!
    I miss you so much and I am so Blessed that I got to know you Dennis! You Touched My Life and Changed my Life for the Better Thank You So Much for all you've done for me and for Being My Friend!
    With Love Thoughts and Prayers!
    D MAN!
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  2. I like what you wrote. A heartfelt tribute that is obviously true to your thoughts and feelings.
    Right on Tony!
  3. This is a really sweet post and describes him perfectly!! Dennis changed many of our lives :) we'll all miss him!
  4. alk47
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    alk47 Active Member

    Great story of a good man!

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  5. zahn
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    zahn Active Member

    Tony.... great story about an even Greater Guy.... well thought out !!!
    So many many people....all about one very special man.....

    Well done
  6. Niceguy Eddie
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    Niceguy Eddie Well-Known Member

    That was a fantastic post, Tony. You really captured it.

    I have many fond memories of time spent with Dennis. As hard as I try, I can't think of anything suitable to write.

    RIP Dennis
  7. A fantastic post a true friendship , which in theses times is very hard to find a real friend.
    Mr.Hof treated everyone with the highest of respect. He was a big hearted person who loved
    people. Those that were and are negative towards him really missed out on getting to know
    a caring and loving person. RIP. Dennis, You brought joy and happiness to many in many different ways
    Until we meet again you will be miss but not forgotten. You and I didn't always agree with each other
    but we both were adult enough to set our differences aside and still enjoy each others time spent together
  8. origlegman
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    origlegman Well-Known Member

    Thank you for posting a bautiful, heartfelt tribute Tony. Dennis touched many lives.
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  9. Tony Dark
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    Tony Dark Well-Known Member

    Thank You I just wrote from the heart.
  10. Tony Dark
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    Tony Dark Well-Known Member

    Thank You and I'm so Sorry and I know he Changed my Life for the Better!
    [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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  11. Tony Dark
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    Tony Dark Well-Known Member

    Thank You I can only say Good Things about him because he always treated me Great!
  12. Tony Dark
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    Tony Dark Well-Known Member

    Thanks Zahn it's hard to express loss and sum up how much a person means to you in one post. You are right Dennis was a Great Guy and Very Special!
  13. Tony Dark
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    Tony Dark Well-Known Member

    Thanks Eddie don't worry this was hard for me to write. Finding the words is tough but what matters is you were trying to find the words and that means that you cared. I think showing you cared is enough.
  14. Tony Dark
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    Tony Dark Well-Known Member

    Thanks Patrick I think Dennis showed me how to be a Better Friend and how to treat people.
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  15. Tony Dark
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    Tony Dark Well-Known Member

    Thank You I'm so Thankful to have gotten to know him and call him my Friend.
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  16. Tony Dark
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    Tony Dark Well-Known Member

    My Thoughts and Prayers once again go out to Suzette the Ladies Staff and Everyone who knew Dennis!
    There are Special people in the world that made an Impact in Society.
    I never met Steve Jobs and although his Impact on Society was Mainstream and Respected or should I say Culturally Accepted all the reports that I have read say he wasn't a very nice guy!
    He once told Bill Gates he was a Fool For Giving Away his money to Charities!
    Then you have Dennis Hof! A man who made a Huge Impact in the Society but in a world that isn't Mainstream or Socially Accepted. The difference I know Dennis gave to charities and I know in my heart that he treated me like family!
    You see to me it's not what you do for a living in this world that matters!
    It's not how much money you have!
    I Believe and have been taught it's about how you treat people!
    For that I can mention Steve Jobs and Dennis Hof in the same breath!
    They both made a Huge Impact in our culture but because of how Dennis treated people I think it made him one of the Most Special People in the World!
  17. CherryLane
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    CherryLane ❤️ Cherry Lane ~ Lover of the Year 2018 ❤️

    Thank you for this,
    sharing your kind memories and wonderful thoughts means a lot, xoxo
    He will be truly missed and loved...
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  18. Bobbi Besos
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    Bobbi Besos Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much for sharing your incredible memories of our beloved friend @Tony Dark! He was an amazing person whose loss is felt deeply, here at his ranches and around the world. Our hearts are full when we share memories like this, thank you so much for opening up and sharing with us yourself. Much love to you sweetheart, thank you for everything!



    [email protected]
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  19. Great Tribute about Dennis. RIP Daddy D
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  20. Tony Dark
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    Tony Dark Well-Known Member

    Thank You Cherry!
    [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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  21. Tony Dark
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    Tony Dark Well-Known Member

    Thank You Bobbi that is so sweet of you! When I get there we will have to share some of our favorite Dennis memories!
    [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
  22. Tony Dark
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    Tony Dark Well-Known Member

    Thanks Marlin it was hard to write but it came from my heart.
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  23. Thank you Tony. Thank you for taking the time to write such kind and intimate feelings and facts. You truly captured amazing memories of an amazing man.

    YOU are an amazing man and I hope you feel comforted by all our thoughts and feelings of love for you.
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  24. Tony Dark
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    Tony Dark Well-Known Member

    Thank You Amy it means a lot because you knew him longer! I was trying to be respectful and honor his memory and our friendship in some way. I am so honored to not only have known Dennis but that I know Suzette you and so many of the ladies and staff the way I do. Seeing all of you on the shows livestream and TV we get to know the personas. Thankfully I got to know the person's behind the personas! Amy you are an Amazing Woman and I Love Air force but I truly cherish the moments when I get to talk to Amy!
    [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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  25. Rest in heavenly peace Dennis :)

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