RANCH SPECIAL [+Pics] The Cat’s Meow (ACH Weekend Special!)

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  1. Lemon Kitten
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    Lemon Kitten Cum and enjoy a little juicy fruit!

    This kitty is awaiting...

    Your favorite Juicy Fruit is going to be at the Alien Cathouse starting today until Monday!

    This is awesome because that means you have a chance to catch a special with me all to yourself!

    For this special I am providing the following as complimentary services:

    (You have a limit of 2 choices!)

    - Shower/Bath Together
    - Massage
    - Handjob
    - Sexy Strip Tease
    - An Extra 15-20 minutes
    - 1 Extra Sex Position

    *If there is something you’d like to ask me about, please feel free! I’m always happy to talk it out with you [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]

    Come on down, let’s have a few drinks, take a hot shower together, and get the party started!

    7BA60CB0-25FA-43AD-8BC8-7E55371B6A51.jpeg 20B0FE97-7E77-4286-8AC5-83499B7CDD81.jpeg 3250698D-00C3-4BDF-AB7F-92508C20A581.jpeg
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  2. candykiss
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    candykiss Well-Known Member

    Book sexy Lemon Kitten today!!!

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  3. Air Force Amy
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    Sexy lingerie and a menu to match!

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