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  1. Would anyone like to have some fun and play a really good game of poker with me over some drinks?

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  2. Lmfao like YOUR DECK!
    Have to warn ya I play pretty good poker. I hit the poker rooms in Reno every now and again!
    We’d have to play strip poker though! Gotta make it a lil more interesting than just cards and drinks. WINK WINK

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    LOL! I can certainly vouch for @sindysky and her poker prowess. Hard to focus on the game especially with her naturally "stacked deck". Definitely my "Queen of Hearts", though. [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
  4. I’ve always wanted to try a game of strip poker. Maybe next time I am out there.
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  5. LitaLecherous
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    I’ve always wanted to learn how to play!!! Maybe you could teach me?

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