REVIEW Roxanne Price Went with Me to Wonderland

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  1. Left, right, whichever. It's not like we won't be crossing into each other's borders.
    Roxanne and Alice probably don't even realize this is 100% serious and not a joke.
  2. I never joke about sharing Roxanne ;-)
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  3. Would it be appropriate to pleasure Roxanne and share her by tying her spread eagle?
  4. That sounds wonderful, and the mental image is very captivating I must say
  5. I won't argue with this idea. ;) ;)
  6. It's not necessary if you just cooperate with Alice and me going from the top down, so we leave that up to you.
    I'm going to say Roxanne's spell over me has been getting weaker and weaker lately, but she sure strengthened it by being willing to be tied up- probably because Alice is in the room. The picture in the last post got me back under her spell too. I mean- look at her. WHOA!
  7. But... But... BUT!

    [smilie=i love you1.gif][smilie=i love you1.gif][smilie=i love you1.gif]
  8. I know it's a song about a woman with the powers of "black magic" with her spell over the person singing.
    And it certainly is applicable. You are that woman. And "You got your spell on me baby"

    But... But... BUT!
    I think of Remy Martin when I sing "Black Magic Woman."
    Sorry, Roxanne. It's true. And it's a good thing, a very good thing.

    Your spell is strongest over me with Led Zeppelin. And I want to reassure you- I am going to a Led Zeppelin cover band in early December to recharge your spell on me, baby.
    Play past the first song to notice that BLACK DOG, our theme song is part of the show. This will definitely get me all hopped up to reparty with Roxanne Price.
    I can't discuss it on the internet, but the same thing that made me happy for AC/DC will make me happy for this, and I have a room in walking distance from the concert, so I can be "very happy." I will jamming and thinking of Rox the whole time.

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  9. Thinking about how Roxanne puts a spell on us, we have to go seasonal with the reference

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  10. I am sorry, Alice. Bette Midler doesn't help me think of Roxanne.
  11. Steve Miller has the idea: I heat up, I can't cool down. [She's] got me spinning round and round.

  12. You have such a good selection of music for this situation hehe.
  13. Compliments will get you everywhere with me.
  14. He DOES have a good taste in music! Every time you mention the "spell" I have on you I think of Santana's song. Now I will also think of Remy. :p :p
  15. I also saw Fleetwood Mac last summer, totally awesome. Another good Roxanne song about her power over me:

  16. RemyMartin
    Chat with Me

    RemyMartin Cum get a sip!!!!

    Omg that's one of my favorite songs by Santana!!!!

  17. I think JAG needs to be in charge of the playlist for our dates.
  18. I fully trust Roxanne to provide the playlist. She knows that I love Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, and can't get enough of AC DC.
    She knows that songs like BLACK DOG, GIRLS GOT RHYTHM, ROXANNE (Police) would just further enhance her spell. Oh, and include Santana's BLACK MAGIC WOMAN for Remy, and Queen's KILLER QUEEN for Alice.
  19. I think it's official. Our party will have the best playlist out of any of the parties.
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  20. I still don't do "playlists." Not a skilled download person. I still play CD's and XM Satellite Radio.
    I am in charge of bringing the food.
    Alice is in charge of securing the room at Sagebrush, probably the coffee for breakfast too.
    Roxanne is in charge of the music and making sure she wears the hat at all times.
    Alice, what should Remy be in charge of?
  21. [smilie=hi ya!.gif] Roxanne is a sweetie! Nice review! [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
  22. This is an awesome post!! Roxanne seems sweet and so much fun!
  23. Can you make a mix tape then?

    I'll get us the best coffee. Remy can handle champagne and more treat-type food for the party heh.
  24. I will look into this at some point in the near future, but really- Roxanne played all that Led Zeppelin and got me addicted to listening to it to trigger my best memory ever. I am sure she can come up with the playlist.
  25. Alright, we'll trust Roxanne to do the music then. More Led Zeppelin works, re-enforcing good memories with the music and you.
  26. I did put together a playlist on my phone, but I am really a novice at this stuff.
  27. RemyMartin
    Chat with Me

    RemyMartin Cum get a sip!!!!

    I'm sure I can handle that!!! By all means do inform me of any food allergies and dislikes.

  28. Oh my god you guys, I'm so excited for this!! The year needs to hurry up. :D :p
  29. This time Remy will be coming down the rabbit hole with me and Alice. I can't wait!!
  30. I like how you are excited, but I am going to be a topper here. None of you is as excited as me.
    I'm more excited than a seagull outside McDonalds that finds a whole bag of fries.
    I'm more excited than kids arriving at Disney World for the first time.
    I'm more excited than the people who got free cars from Oprah.

    I can't keep calm and carry on because I am so excited.

    I already know that RoxAlice is a wonderful and powerful experience, and I get such a great vibe from Remy.

    I don't even know what it really is, but "Remy Intense" ain't got nothing on RoxAliceRemy.
  31. It's hard to say we're not that excited, but I'm definitely excited, and love how excited you are, this will be so amazing!
  32. Roxanne is a sweetheart.
    Glad you had a nice time with her ;)
  33. Alice, I am more excited than you because you do exciting things like this as an everyday part of your life.
    When it's over, I will probably be saying "So this is what the Cubs felt like to win the World Series in 7 games in extra innings.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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