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    I really want to role play school girl and her dads best friend. You would of course be in a schoolgirl outfit and pigtails :). You come to me to tell me how your bf has been wanting to have sex with you but you are not ready. You can’t tell your dad because he would get pissed. We start talking about what men do to please girls, and well me being the pervert I am lol and you trusting me I show you by kissing and touching you very sexually. When I notice I have you horny I slip my finger in your tight pussy. After I notice that you are wet, I then talk to you about oral sex. And well I perform it on you And get you extremely honey now. You then perform oral on me, you tell me how your bf always says men love getting their dick sucked and your happy to do it to me for helping you out about sex. Well then we talk intercourse, and well I start slow and steady but the moment I hear you say it feels good, then I know your sweet schoolgirl pussy is mine for all positions. Oh and by the way I let you know, no you are not ready for sex with your bf, you need me to teach you a few more times. ;)
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    I love school girl costumes.. so sexy!
  3. Wow! You got everything planned LOL :D. I would love to be your school girl
    Warm Hugs and Kisses,
    Call (775)246-901
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    Air Force Amy Best in the Biz! and Most Bang 4 Your Buck!

    Very sexy fantasy! You definitely have all your desires lined up!

    I would definitely be willing to take part in this study!

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    This is a sincere welcome to the boards!
    I'm glad we can keep in touch now.

    Don't be a stranger and give me a follow.

    I would love to communicate with you to see if you personally feel I might be able to share this unique and special encounter with you.
    Let's celebrate this new chapter in your life together.

    I am a true farmers daughter, perhaps you teach me what girls do in the city?
    No judgement, only excitement.

    I'll even provide dinner so we can ease into the experience and answer any questions first in person.
    Hope I will hear from you to start this new adventure together.

    lots of love,

    Miss Marilyn Baker
    [email protected]
    Instagram | Twitter : @iammarilynbaker
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    randyryder Pure heart with a dirty mind!

    me too!

    -Pure heart with a dirty mind,
    Randy Ryder

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