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  1. Words That Describe Me
    1. Compassionate
    2. Vibrant
    3. Light-Hearted
    4. Sporty
    Hobbies of Mine
    1. Sex
    2. Basketball Events
    3. Boating
    4. Exercising
    5. Geocaching
    6. Baking
    7. Horse Back Riding
    XOXO Sierra Sin
  2. AutumnVerlot
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    AutumnVerlot Nympho Next Door

    Yess!!! I need a workout partner!
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  3. Leo Goodale
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    Leo Goodale Well-Known Member

    I'm sure you two will get along just fine. I don't mind exercising with you two.
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  5. SophiaSun
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    SophiaSun Well-Known Member

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  6. Pizza Man
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    Pizza Man Well-Known Member

    Sierra I was into that a good 10+ years ago. I accomplished just over 1,000 finds gaining myself "Kilo Club Status" plus I sent out 20 Travel Bugs into the world. Been to a bunch of GC events including GeoWoodstock a yearly major event for cachers. Fun times.

    I checked my app and there's a few around the Ranches including two over by the Bunny Ranch. I think one is by a historical marker off Hwy 50.
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  7. Wow that so awesome!! We should check them out together!! Maybe an outdate idea??
  8. ❤️Sporty❤️

    Sports for me all began in high school. My best friend asked me to join her on the basketball team and I instantly turned the offer down. Mostly because of my height but also because it was new to me, I had done nothing like that prior. I ended up joining the team and that was a decision that changed my life. It opened up doors in my future that I would never have had if I hadn’t joined team.

    It also opened up doors to other sports such as volleyball, track, and tennis. Basketball was my favorite and I played it for all four years of high school.

    I’m sure many of you know of the UNLV Rebels as well as the Lakers and the Bulls. Those are the teams that I watch now.

    Wouldn’t that be a fun idea for an out date?
    Let’s go!

    XOXO, Sierra Sin

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  9. ❤️Compassionate❤️

    When you come to visit me at the Ranch you will find that I am a very compassionate person.
    I can read vibes off people with no effort. So if you're looking for some comfort or someone
    who understands you. We all have our day to day struggles, you just get to have a good looking
    lady listen to yours;)
    I am also very attentive, and a good conversationalist.
    This could entail all sorts of options, going out to dinner and enjoying each others company, or taking a stroll in San Rafael park in down town Reno.
    Did you know we also have a hot tub onsite that we are allowed to party in?!
    All in all I am here for you. Come book with me today!

    XOXO, Sierra Sin
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  10. ❤️Vibrant❤️

    I describe myself as vibrant because I am very enthusiastic. I am a positive person and will always be one to try and make you smile.
    During your experience here with me there will never be a dull moment, or that so called awkward silence. I will do my best to make you as
    comfortable as necessary. I know it takes a lot emailing us girls or shooting us a message here on the boards, or even walking through those
    doors for the first time, but I promise you that you will be in good hands with me, we even have a bar here at the Ranch to help simmer down
    those nerves.

    Being vibrant can also mean full of energy and let me tell you, if I know one thing about myself is that I am always full of good, positive energy.
    Many may think that would or could be a little much for someone coming to the Ranch but why?
    Wouldn't you want someone who is going to make this experience here as memorable as possible? Someone you're going to look back on and be like
    "Man that was an awesome experience, I would love to do that again!"

    Same here! Come book with me!

    XOXO, Sierra Sin

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  11. ❤️Light-Hearted❤️

    This word describes me because I am cheerful and most of the time carefree.
    I try not to take anything too serious unless I know it is a serious topic.
    When you come to see me it should be a very relaxed and enjoyable experience!
    As said before coming to an establishment of this kind can make ones nerves skyrocket.
    My goal is for you to be comfortable and to have the best experience you can have, in
    an environment that makes all that possible.

    Don't get me wrong in the bedroom I can be a very serious and passionate person
    if that mood has been set. Most of my clients are very carefree and lax so we
    click instantly.

    If this sounds like the kind of experience you want to enjoy while you're here book with me

    XOXO, Sierra Sin

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  12. If you need a third, I need to add heavy breathing and perspiration to my life, just sayin' ;)
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