Where are you tonight?

Discussion in 'Kit Kat Ranch Forum (Carson City)' started by kzgurl, Oct 29, 2019.

  1. kzgurl
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    kzgurl Active Member

    We have warm, sexy bodies .... waiting for you!!!

    They are ready to massage you, touch you, please you and possibly do other wonderful, tantalizing things to you~

    Visit us at the Kit Kat Ranch... Our Kitties are Purrrring..... and all warm & cuddly!

    Kit Kat Ranch
    48 Kit Kat Drive
    Mound House, NV

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  2. On the Amtrak California Zephyr on my way to Reno. Carson city by noon tomorrow.
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  3. JuniperJones
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    Don’t keep this sexy lady waiting!
  4. Outside of Fernley, due to the extreme overnight cold, one of rails on the union pacific track, contracted so much that a rail split by about 3 inches. Significant shrinkage!
    I am now less than an hour from Reno station.

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