Who's Your Idol?

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  1. Each one of us is inspired by others.
    Whether we are inspired by celebrities, family members or even each other, we are all inspired.
    Tell me who inspires you and why.
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    Life in itself is an inspiration to me. Knowing that this world is greater than me is humbling in itself and allows me to enjoy my surroundings and life even more!
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  3. Playboy bunnies is my inspiration! I always wanted to be one and go to the Playboy mantón! I was unable to accomplish that while high Hefner was still alive but that’s on this life is similar in more ways then one!
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  4. I would say my father. I am 42 now but when I was a kid he worked 64 hours a week for over a decade to support us. He did not do it alone; Mom worked too. They are both still alive and well at age 74 and 54 years of marriage.

    if Dad can work those crazy hours for over 10 years, then I can work the same hours for two years to get my butt out of debt
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