Jessica Riley
Dec 6, 2017
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December 26
Sagebrush Ranch
Erotic Illusion Specialist

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Jessica Riley

Well-Known Member, Female, from Sagebrush Ranch

Its hump day and you know what that means.... Jan 3, 2018

    1. KikiLover
      Happy Birthday Jessica :)
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    2. ChloeCakes
      Let this sexy starlet show you her O face and why I call her.. Jessica O’ OH’ OHhh Riley ❤️

      Hope we can reinact my very first 2 girl party again bigger and better !
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      2. hikino
        @ChloeCakes, You do realize now I have the O'Reily auto parts jingle stuck in my head now because of the O' OH'Riley line.
        Aug 15, 2019
    3. Thirty7
      You were phenomenal on LiveStream! Loved your red/black outfit! :)
    4. 59FenderSuper
      Welcome! I sent you a DM.
    5. Thirty7
      Awesome job on LiveStream tonight! :)
    6. Marlin Groce Jr
      Marlin Groce Jr
      Hi there I'm Marlin Hope your doing well
    7. Cohenprime86
      Hey there lovely lady
    8. HARLEYS
    9. kevinz0071
      Hi Jessica hope you have a nice day hugs
    10. HARLEYS
    11. HARLEYS
    12. HARLEYS
      Your lovely jessica
    13. Andy1281
      Welcome to the board. Hope you have a great time :)
    14. Jessica Riley
      Jessica Riley
      Its hump day and you know what that means....
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    15. Jessica Riley
      Jessica Riley
      Come and celebrate my birthday tonight at the Sagebrush Ranch!
    16. origlegman
      Welcome to the Boards Jessica and best wishes for a successful visit!!! You are a striking woman and I’m looking forward to meeting you!!!
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    17. CopenMan
      Oh baby, Blonde Bombshell
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    December 26
    Sagebrush Ranch
    Erotic Illusion Specialist
    About Me:
    Hello! I am Jessica Riley...resident bohemian babe, hippie goddess, and bewitching erotic illusionist. Also very Irish, come discover what "Living the life of Riley" truly means.


    Q: Why the name choice?
    A: Riley was my stage name for many years as an exotic dancer, I had the most fun as Riley so I always work it into my name, plus I really do live the life of Riley! I chose Jessica because my whole life I've been told I look like a I'm just going with it now, lol.

    Q: When is your birthday? I’d love to see you on your special day.
    A: Please come and see me! I hate my birthday because it's the day after christmas (Dec 26th) and everyone always forgets it!

    Q: Am I allowed to bring gifts, if so what are your favorites?
    A: I love natural jewery, crystals, delicious teas, fancy shoes (size 6), and anything from (size 34DD or DDD and Medium)

    Q: How long have you worked at the ranch?
    A: I started December 20th, 2017

    Q: What’s your schedule like?
    A: I work everyday from 4pm to 4am, and im available 24/7 by appointment

    Q: Do you have any other social media?
    A: My twitter is @JessicaRileySBR

    Q: So what are your measurements?
    A: I am 5'6" with all natural 34DD breasts. My measurements are 36-26-36 (I am known for being perfectly proportionate) Shoe size 6, panty size medium, dress size 4.

    Q: How much does it cost to visit the ranch?
    A: Touring the ranch is always complimentary, I would love to meet you and show you around our fabulous house!

    Q: How much is it to party?
    A: Nevada state law requires us to only discuss pricing within the privacy of our rooms here at the ranch, so stop on by and we can discuss planning your dream party or just a short escape from reality if that is what you desire!

    Q: If I’m coming straight from work, can I shower at the ranch?
    A: Of course you can! In fact, I’d love to join you! ♡

    Q: If I don’t have my own transportation, are drivers available?
    A: Yes, you can call the ranch and they will set up a pick up for you after you give them your info. We provide marked and unmarked cars for your discretion.

    Q: Do you offer any specials?
    A: I sure do. Active military/veterans receive a specialty along with teachers- special needs teachers receive an additional specialty, people with disabilities themselves, and also students, first timers, and birthday babes. As for my regular specialties, they’re constantly changing but please ask me what I’m offering at the time of your visit!

    Q: When scheduling an appointment do I need to leave a deposit?
    A: It’s always recommended to leave a deposit of 10% when scheduling an appointment to secure our party for the date and time you wish to party.

    Q: What are the hours at the ranch?
    A: All of Dennis Hof’s establishments are open 24 hours - seven days of the week for your pleasure and convenience.

    Q: Can I see you outside of the ranch?
    A: Yes! We offer outdates as well and I would love to go out to dinner, gambling, the movies, bowling, skiing, or check out Vegas because I still have not been! We can even netflix and chill ( and unlike that sketchy Tinder date..I'm a sure thing!)

    Q: Is tipping required?
    A: It’s not required, but like any business, it is greatly appreciated. Tipping makes me wet...just so you know :D

    Q: Is the ranch drug friendly?
    A: Absolutely NOT. The ranch is a drug free facility. This is a totally legal business and we treat it as such.

    Q: What turns you on?
    A: Chivalry (is it dead? show me it isnt) respect, intellegence, guys with money who want to have a great time with a hot girl and maybe some of her friends :)

    Q: What are your hard limits?
    A: I dont do pain, humiliation, double penetration, or eat ass, everything else I am open to. I love doing GFE and I cater to fetishes, specifically feet, spanking, role play, and many others...just ask!

    Q: How many tattoos do you have?
    A: I have 2 tattoos, I have a tribal rose on my ass (my favorite) and a fantasticly tacky trampstamp that says....wait for it.... "Honeybunch" lol. I was 17 when I got it, enough said.

    Q: Do you get tested?
    A: yes we are tested EVERY week- no independent contractor can interact with a client until we are cleared.

    Q: Do you use protection during oral?
    A: Absolutely. Condoms or Dental Dams will be used every single time oral is involved per Nevada State law. Protection not only guarentees our safety but the client's safety as well.

    Q: When you're starting a party, how do you like your partner to get naked? How do you like to undress?
    A: It really depends on the mood, sometimes I like to slowly undress each other and savor every step, other times it can be more carnal, or sometimes i will undress for you while you remove your own clothes in a mutual strip tease fashion.

    Q: What are your hobbies and do you have any favorite outdoor activities?
    A: I love to hike and explore beautiful areas, especially any with amazing overlook views. I love to shop, im great at finding bargains on luxury items, finding unique gifts for the hard to shop for, and fashion advice on clothing. I also love history, museums, and old houses so lets take a trip somewhere cool and old.

    Q: Do you accept married clients?
    A: Why yes I do! Couples are welcome as well :)

    Q: Are you bi-sexual or gay for pay?
    A: I’m into women and men. While I have more experience with men, part of the reason I came to the ranches was to enjoy women as well, so first timers or shy girls are more than welcome, we can learn together ;)

    Q: Are you trans friendly?

    Q: Can we bring multiple girls into our party?
    A: Of course! 3 or more is never a crowd in this house :)

    Q: Would you be willing to party with someone with a disability? (mental or physical)
    A: Yes, yes yes. The ranch is more than willing to make sure you are comfortable and have a great time & I offer a speciality for anyone with disabilities.

    Q: Do you party with virgins?
    A: Yes, I am very gentle and nurturing, all first timers are welcome.

    Q: How would your best female friend describe you? How would your best male friend describe you?
    A: My best female friend would say I'm an angel, while my best male friend would tell you I'm satan... I'm either depending on how you treat me :O

    Q: If you could visit any place in the world where would it be?
    A: I would love to see various parts of China and Japan, eastern culture has alway interested me.

    Q: How can we keep in contact?
    A: You may email me at [email protected] or direct message me on Twitter @JessicaRileySBR

    [email protected]


    ~ Jessica Riley
    Twitter: @JessicaRileySBR
    IG: JessicaRileySBR
    Email: [email protected]