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    The Coveted GFE: We all desire intimacy. Kisses, Caresses, and cuddles. We also need to feel seen and heard. Appreciated for who we really are. I have a unique ability to intuitively provide the affection and attention that you crave the most. Let's take our time getting to know one another. When's the last time you've had butterflies? Isn't that the most amazing feeling? Let me give you butterflies! I custom tailor every engagement to fulfill your individual desire. You're a unique, and special person, and I treat you as such.

    Erotic Cultivation Instruction: I am soft, feminine, and demure but don’t let that fool you, because I am not bashful in the bedroom. I want to know your desires, fantasies and intrigues. If you’re a virgin, inexperienced or if it has been some time since your last encounter with a woman; I am a patient, compassionate and a buoyant Instructress. I have many years of erotic educating myself. The ultimate goal is always FUN!

    Kink and Fetish Exploration: Over the years I have gained much knowledge, and experience with many alternative forms of erotic pleasure. It's of utmost importance that you can feel comfortable in a judgment free zone to explore. Whether you're a seasoned fetishist or just curious, I offer a wide variety of carnal Fetish adventures. Some of the most popular include, foot, lingerie, role play, spanking, and bondage.

    Sensual Domination: Are you curious what it would feel like to allow a beautiful, sensuous, and gentle woman to take absolute control over your entire body, mind, and spirit until you reach a height of orgasmic Nirvana you never thought possible? Let me introduce you to Sensual Domination; a form of BDSM but soft and encouraging. Think: blindfolds, wax, edging, etc.

    Sensual Lifestyle Coaching:Many of my clients have expressed a desire to live a more sensually elevated lifestyle. Too often have they focused solely on work, and have forgotten to cultivate deeper aspects of themselves that bring pleasure. They've lost the ability to connect with others they feel attracted to. They believe they do not have “game”. This is of course untrue! If you've been single for a long time, or are just ending a long term relationship we can work together on a plan of action to elevate your confidence, and your desirability to get you back out there.

    Multiple Girl Fantasy: You're the center of attention. My friends and I have developed a closeness together which allows us to be completely free to express ourselves sensually with each other and you. Have you ever dreamed of watching beautiful women enjoy each other's bodies, while each tantalizing touch draws you nearer with anticipation? Shall you join us? We feverishly wish so.

    The Afternoon Delight: Sometimes we only need to relieve that aching desire to release our stress and troubles through an orgasmic connection. Often an old fashioned spontaneous romp is just what the doctor ordered and can be incredibly fulfilling.

    Erotic Massage: Rejuvenate from the stresses and pressures of the day with a body to body sensual massage. I combine techniques of Tantric and classic massage as well as Nuru if you desire. The practice of Tantric massage is lovingly focused on the sensual regions of the body to promote healing, connection, and peace within the body.

    Whatever adventure you choose… My true desire is to provide you with an exceptional experience that sends you off with a complete sense of mind, body, and soul rejuvenation long after our rendezvous ends. I want you to look back on our memories together with fondness and appreciation. Memories that put a smile on your face even on your darkest days.

    ❤️ Addison

    P.S I am bi-sexual, therefore I provide all my services to women as well!

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    PaytonSterling Your Sassy, Sweet, Edgy GFE!

    this lovely lady has the calmest gentle energy. Idk what she’s like in the bedroom but I’d want to find out if I were youuuuu….and I still want to find out.

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  3. Awww thanks girl you're super sweet, I definitely have been told I have calming energy, and I'm happy it's appreciated. Let's find out in a two girl some time
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    PaytonSterling Your Sassy, Sweet, Edgy GFE!

    You do and I think the mix of our different dynamics would be an amazing experience for someone [smilie=hot over you.gif]
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