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What's the WORST sex injury you've experienced?

  1. Skinned Knees/Elbow's

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  2. Blood Drawn

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  3. Handprints

  4. Hurt to Sit

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  5. Bruised

  6. HOSPITAL Visit

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  1. LacyTruffles
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    LacyTruffles Bombshell waiting for gentleman who prefer BLONDES

    I have LOTS of experience with SEX, but I've never worked in an Establishment where someone could walk right UP to ME and take my hand, straight into my BEDROOM to do what he WISHES to do to ME!

    It's EXCITING, SCARY, SEXY, FUN, NEW.....so I am still in TRAINING but I'll be flying solo from the 7th-16th of MAY!

    So let's make some Unforgettable MEMORIES together!!!


    Lacy Truffles
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  2. grizzly
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    grizzly Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the ranches! You are very beautiful!

    Have fun and Good luck on your first tour!

    Love your name!

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