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    To newly registered bunnyranch.com message board members. When you signed up for a new account for the forums, you saw this message on your screen:

    Your account has been created. However, this board requires account activation, an activation key has been sent to the e-mail address you provided. Please check your e-mail for further information.

    It has come to our attention that the activation key e-mail is not seen by everyone. Check your e-mail Spam folder. The activation e-mail is automated, and some e-mail systems, google mail's gmail for instance, sends the activation e-mail to your Spam folder. Do not use an @AOL.com email address to register with, you will not receive the activation email. AOL currently has bunnyranch.com emails blocked.

    For gmail users, highlight or click on All Mail on the left column near the bottom of the list, you will then see Spam, Trash, and More options.

    Your automated activation e-mail is sent by webmastermike with the subject of: Welcome to "BunnyRanch"

    If you do not activate your new account in one month, it will be deleted and you will have to create an account again.
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