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    Lao Tzu 6th-4th c BC

    Mencius 372-289 BC

    Mozi 470-391 BC
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    Bruce Lee
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    Zhuangzi - 5th-3rd c BC
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    Mencius 372-289 BC
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    Confucius 9/28/551 BC - 4/11/479 BC
  6. If every one in the world will love universally; states not attacking one another; houses not disturbing one another; thieves and robbers becoming extinct; emperor and ministers, fathers and sons, all being affectionate and filial -- if all this comes to pass the world will be orderly.
    Therefore, how can the wise man who has charge of governing the empire fail to restrain hate and encourage love?
    So, when there is universal love in the world it will be orderly, and when there is mutual hate in the world it will be disorderly.

    Mozi 470-391 BC
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  8. This must be the worst of times to espouse Confucian teachings. These teachings are too plain and straightforward to have any unusual features. Since modern people favor eccentricity in taste, and science and technology in academic pursuit, they are unable to appreciate a teaching that teaches nothing out of the ordinary.

    Mou Zongsan
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