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  2. I don't think it likes me much. It won't let me log in after I entered the site address. It just freezes on the login screen.
  3. Nothing works for me either. No chat icons and the desktop app freezes.
  4. thanks freaky geek i got cometchat working will it work on windows phone 8???
  5. Nope - sorry...not on Windows phone....
  6. Chat is only working for me on my tablet or phone still. I have no idea why this seems to hate me.
  7. It's not just you Joe. Don't take it personally. :)
  8. The desktop version was finally working for me for a little while. Now when I try to log in again, it does not give me the option and gives a warning screen that says to login again to use cometchat. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall numerous times without any positive effects. It is getting a bit frustrating. At least the mobile version still works.
  9. When you say the desktop version - do you mean the desktop client or the browser version?
  10. Desktop client. The one you have the download info for in the first post

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  11. Does the browser version work for you? The browser version seems to be stable now...except we now of course are having issues with the forum web site....Which are being worked on as we speak.
  12. Nope. It hasn't worked for a week or more. And I have tried Firefox, Chrome, and IE. Also I have cleared the caches for all of them.
  13. Hi Freaky. Have not been on here in a while. But if we are discussing about the Message Board here, I am a little surprised to receive a malware warning from both my FireFox and Chrome browsers. My webpage scans show no malware, however. If false-positives, is this also part of the current Forum web site that is being resolved?
  14. I get those messages too. I get them on IE as well through my anti-virus software when I open threads with certain ladies active in then. A lot of the time, it is after Clarissa posts.

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  15. My IE opens the Message Board site without any malware advisory. And true, my anti-virus app is triggered on a few of the ladies' sites. Most likely spamware from their ads? But it is the opening warning after entering the Message Board site that can be bothersome.
  16. Yes this is the primary issue we are trying to resolve at the moment.....someone is actively attacking the boards and Google is refusing to take it off their "malware" list even though there is no's very frustrating...we have several people working on it at once and hurrying to solve the issue....
  17. But that's interesting to make the association with Clarissa could be signature related but I doubt it....there is something being inserted into the pages that triggers this google warning
  18. That could be a strange confidence, but it is something I have noticed.

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  19. I didn't want to start a separate thread on this problem in case I'm doing something stupid, but I'm on a Samsung Galaxy S6 and if I click the "Chat Now" tab at the bottom of any thread page, I get an error:

    "Mobile webapp extension is not configured. Please ask your admin to configure it through CometChat Administration Panel."

    Is there additional software that I need to download?
  20. That unfortunately is a bug in the chat that I can't remove....use the "cometchat" app for your phone instead
  21. Got it. Thx. That works. Found the download easily.
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