Dia De Los Muertos

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  1. Day of the Dead is a 2 day celebration lasting from Nov 1 to Nov 2.
    It's similar to Halloween in the sense that people dress up and enjoy sugary foods.
    The major distinction between the two holidays is that Day of the Dead revolves solely around honoring the dead (mostly friends and family).

    La Catrina is the skeletal figurehead of the holiday. She is a richly dressed skeleton that symbolizes the mortality of mortals. On these 2 days I will dress up as La Catrina in honor of my Mexican roots. I would be delighted for you to come and enjoy the sweet bread I bring in for the holiday.

    We can swap stories, in my room, of deceased friends and family members and recall all the good memories we have of them.
    It's always important to remember and respect our past, but also to embrace and enjoy our present.


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