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  1. Game 4 of the ALCS starts at 5 pm today! Since I could use some company & would love to go out to watch I’m offering an insane special for a lucky gentleman today! I’ll give you the entire game GFE for the price of just one hour (even if we go into extra innings ;) ) and if you’d like to go out and get to watch and know each other outside of here maybe get some drinks I’m offering 30% off my usual price on that as well and can throw in time to unwind together after ;)
    Who’s watching with me?!

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  2. Miss Katie im watching it too im a astros fan all the way cause my rangers did not make it go Astros
  3. Someone’s going to be a lucky man. Go Astros...
  4. That’s a cool idea for an outdate! :)
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  5. I wish I was closer that's and awsome offer. Our GFE would end with the game though.
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    Such a great deal, you won’t want to miss out on this!

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