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    HunterBliss "Life without love is a life not yet lived."

    Hunter Bliss

    You may have already met me- I know, I know. But it's never too late for a good old fashioned introduction. A bit of an essay, a bit of a menu, and a whole lot of a welcome.

    Perhaps you simply need a break from the day-to-day, or you’ve found yourself daydreaming about certain pleasures that you haven’t encountered just yet.

    That’s where our encounter begins.


    The moment you take my hand, there’s one thing for sure-

    Any anxieties, preconceived notions, and ambivalency will surely melt away.

    Okay, well, maybe.

    I can’t say anything with certainty because A.) Such a thing does not exist in social interactions and B.) My sense of humor can be so dry sometimes that you may take me seriously, and then I’ll have to explain the joke, and then it wont really be a joke anymore, and then-


    I am my most authentic self, always.
    There is healing in connection- a kiss on the forehead, an accidental collision with that wall (When did they even put it there!?), hands roaming curves and valleys and the sounds of climax in unison.

    Now, all this writing can come across a bit on the romance novel side, and I'll blame that on the fact that yes, I do occasionally read discount novels about people riding off into the sunset, but I don't know how much justice a forum thread can provide.

    Enough of the dramatics. I am sensual, silly, and a bit on the raunchy side- but we can just call that my charm. I enjoy writing, woodcrafting, useless trivia, bad jokes, and a really well made Long Island.

    Sensual Pursuits

    • Ultimate Girlfriend Experience
    • Outdates- let's escape.
    • Spa Treatment... with the happy ending.
    • Roleplay
    • Oodles and oodles of fetishes
    • A GOOD TIME!

    Of course, everything is up to your discretion, and there too many escapades and intimacies available for me to type.

    My suggestion? If you are at all intrigued- message me on here, or via my email.
    You can also walk in and get to know me in person, if that is a viable option.

    So with that- I'm going to drop the mic and leave a cute selfie.


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