Jack or Caledon?

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  1. For all you Titanic fans, I want to know who your favorite suitor is!

    Jack Dawson and Caledon Hockley are both very sexy men after Rose Dewitt Bukater's heart ;)

    The former is a poor, kind artist who treats Rose as a person with her own free will.
    The latter is a rich, cruel Steel Baron who treats Rose as an object that can never leave his side.

    Personally, I'm really attracted to both characters even though the second is a dick XD



  2. Neither really.

    Jack is an exciting new flame, but they know each other for less than a week. If Jack had survived, I don’t think their relationship would have worked. It’s the nature of romance that the exciting phase of the new relationship dies pretty quickly and if the relationship is going to last you need something more substantial. I can’t see Jack offering anything substantial. I think that Rose is used to a life of privilege and luxury and living in poverty with Jack would have made her deeply unhappy.
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