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  1. The following guidelines will apply to all members.

    Legal Age
    Minors are not allowed on this messageboard. If you are not 18 years of age you are required to leave. Anyone found not of age will have their users account terminated immediately, and when possible their parents will be notified along with alternatives to keeping kids out of adult areas on the internet.

    Personal Attacks
    Personal attacks are not allowed. This means blatantly attacking another poster in a personal way.

    Harmful Posts
    Do not post messages that may cause damage to a person's professional or personal life. This includes posting people's personal information (i.e. real names, occupations, employers, etc), and posting slanderous information.

    Offensive Posts
    Posting of racist or otherwise discriminating remarks, threats to cause physical or mental harm, extreme offensive language, material that breaks any law or otherwise unacceptable posts or links to pages that contain the aforementioned material is not allowed.

    Posts About Pricing
    No pricing can be disclosed within posts. Law dictates that all price negotiations MUST be done at the Bunny Ranch.

    Impersonating Other Members
    Please do not impersonate another board member or create an account specifically for the purpose of provoking other users. Accessing or using someone else's account is not allowed. Please only register a single account. If you are found to have more than one account you may be suspended from the board.

    This is not an advertising forum for anything or anyone not affiliated with the ranches.

    Moderator Issues
    If you violate these guidelines, your posts may be edited or deleted and/or your account may be disabled. Posts may be edited or deleted for reasons not listed above.

    There may be a “3-strike” rule implemented. If you violate any of the guidelines you will only be warned twice. After the third violation, you will have your user accounted suspended, terminated, moderated or completely banned.
Thread Status:
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