Discussion in 'Posting Etiquette and Instructions' started by JadeSteele, Sep 10, 2016.

  1. Do the board admins know we about the posting rules for us? I have noticed my numbers go down, meaning being deleted. I don't care, but i don't want this to be a problem when I'm asked about number of posts I've done for the week.
  2. Do you know the actual rules on this forum board? Here, educate yourself:

    This went into effect back in January 2016. Us working Ladies do have an extra set of rules that do not apply to other board members, but still need to be followed.

    If you had posts deleted they likely broke a rule. If not deleted, then moved to the appropriate board for it. The Mods are doing their job.
  3. Yes, we do understand them.

    Between myself and the other mods, we recently MOVED (not deleted) several of your posts because they were posted in the wrong forum, pursuant to the message board rules. THIS WILL NOT AFFECT YOUR MESSAGE POST COUNTS.

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