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Discussion in 'World Famous BunnyRanch Forum (Carson City)' started by alk47, Jun 11, 2022.

  1. alk47
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    alk47 Active Member

    Hello peeps! Its been a long while since I was last on here and forever since my last trip at the ranches. I was wondering what ever happened to Ruby Rae? Did she move on from the Ranches?
  2. Canadian1987
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    Canadian1987 Well-Known Member

    i have Been wondering that myself
  3. Pizza Man
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    Pizza Man Well-Known Member

    For official information it's best to contact the office.
  4. KikiLover
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    KikiLover ♛ Middle Eastern Princess ♛

    She’s retired from what I heard.
    but we do have lots of lovely ladies available.

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