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    The Reviews I post here are reviews I have been email for non-board members or members that aren't sure how to get to my review thread:)

    "Made an outfit request and if you look at her pictures you can understand why. Was met at the door by a stunning beauty, checked all the gfe boxes. She is truly one of most friendly brothel girls I've met on the forum. I look forward to seeing her again."

  2. "I think I've found the one girl finally that I will only see from now on. The pure energy and passion she shows is amazing and this girl knows how to make sure your the only thing that matters. Getting a hold of her was easy and responsive. She's super cute and extremely easy going.
    I love to talk and she was very patient with me and she has some great things to say. I have never experienced the level of fun with her EVER and I've thought I've seen some of the best. She is a very accommodating provider who will take amazing care of your needs. I really can't say enough good things about her. She is worth everything she asks for and you guys should try the over night cuz she is a great cuddler....as I write this I'm so happy to have found her and truly can't wait until I see her again!!!"
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  3. AutumnVerlot
    Chat with Me

    AutumnVerlot Nympho Next Door

    Shes gorgeous isnt she?? And super sweet!!
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  4. I just love love LOVE you :rolleyes:
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  5. "Sierra made me smile and smiling isn't something I've really done a lot of since I lost my wife last year. I truly appreciate her charismatic demeanor. Will be returning."

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