What a Lovely Rose

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  1. Titanic
    Is one of my all time favorite movies!
    Earlier this year was the movie's 25th anniversary!

    Kate Winslet was a VISION as Rose DeWitt Bukater!
    In honor of this fantastic movie, I will be dressing up as Rose in December!

    Please watch this romantic movie.
    Take it a step further and step into the
    Love Ranch dressed as Jack or Caledon.
    I love Role Play :)

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  2. wrb55rosco
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    wrb55rosco Well-Known Member

    Did you watch the movie over the weekend?:(
    Bad thing about streaming Amazon Prime ,and Directv. You get to see movies over and over again!
    And yes Kate Winslet is a stunner!
  3. LittleLexxi
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    LittleLexxi Exotic Green Eyed Slim Petite Russian/Latina Bunny

    I’ve never seen it! I’ll have to check it out.

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