You really have to start checking dates of previous posts...

Discussion in 'Posting Etiquette and Instructions' started by torontoral, Apr 27, 2013.

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    Hey everyone,

    Just read a thread of a question that was asked way back in October 2012, and someone tried to answer it today - April 2013 -- when it's extremely obvious that if the person didn't get their proper answer back then, they won't be looking for it today.

    My point is, unless it's something fairly timeless, please check the date of the original post before you answer the question. There's been a lot of dragging up some really old posts- I'm sure it's innocent on everyone's part -- but some of the issues mentioned really don't pertain to today, or the Bunnies that initially started them have since long departed.

    Some good old threads have been revived...but others would be better off left at the "dead post" office... :wink:

    Just sayin'... :)
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