Make a million dollars... then spend it!

Discussion in 'Games' started by RoxyGold, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. For this fun daydreaming game, share a way you would make a million dollars, and then a way to spend it! I’ll start...

    Strike oil, then buy a private island

    Let’s goof around and have fun! :)
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  2. Inherit Great Aunt Matilda’s fortune, then buy a wild animal reserve
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  3. Win the lottery, then build a life sized gingerbread house
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  4. baileypaige
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    baileypaige Well-Known Member

    Find a bag of money....and go adopt all the puppies.. Might need to find another bag of money for food. :)
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  5. baileypaige
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    baileypaige Well-Known Member

    I will work for free....just want to play with the animals.
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  6. Arthur Dent
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    Arthur Dent Well-Known Member

    Invent the world's most essential widget and spend the money visiting the national parks between visits to the ranches.
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  7. Get the reward for catching a criminal, then buy a water tower full of nacho sauce :)
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  8. Create the newest big thing in video games, and retire to a life of semi-professional poker. :)
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  9. ChloeCakes
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    ChloeCakes Feeling Playful until Dec 17th! 3pm-3am daily

    Master the art of the sell and become a real estate tycoon in order to obtain land to rescue all the kitties !
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  10. I would make sure the people in my life were taken care of and then I would probably put a large amount away for tattoos! And completely re model my house and sell it! :D
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  11. Yes!!!! This is the best answer. You win :3
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  12. Get the reward for Finding a lost dog belonging to a rich person, then hire a personal chef to make me fresh cheesecake every day :)
  13. Sell all my old baseball cards and have a big party on a yacht :)
  14. Become a pop star and trash hotel rooms :)
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  15. Invest into properties and make more millions
  16. And how would you spend your property millions, Mickee? :)
  17. I'd win the Call of Duty World Championship with my hand picked team (it pays a lot more than you might expect lol) then get my pilot license and cruise around. And occasionally work as a private pilot to continue to fund my jetsetting adventures.
  18. MercyMoselle
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    MercyMoselle Football Fanatic

    Have you seen that puppy island you can go visit and adopt?? I forget where it is, I wanna say like Venezuela or something.
  19. baileypaige
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    baileypaige Well-Known Member

    No I haven't....I will have to check it out. Thank you for sharing.
  20. Well a guy in Wisconsin won $321 Million and has left. Does that work
  21. Fozzie
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    Fozzie Well-Known Member

    Let me see here.
    I would write a bestselling fiction novel that would earn me the money, then I would...
    Save half the money into my savings and retirement accounts.
    Place a down payment on a modest property to live in.
    Spend whatever leftover amount it would cost to have an outdate and overnight party with a handful of the ladies from the Ranches.
  22. baileypaige
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    baileypaige Well-Known Member

    That would be you eat the walls when you get hungry????
  23. baileypaige
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    baileypaige Well-Known Member

    Those sound like great idea's. What kind of things would you write about?
  24. AjaMercury
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    AjaMercury Heavenly Mercury Incarnate

    I'd purchase 20+ acres of forested land outright, and then begin building an artists compound. Starting with the Ceramics Studio and kiln/glaze rooms. Then building the main house with more studio spaces for specific mediums, as well as a gag-worthy kitchen, and professional dungeon space.

    This is my goal, to build my own home myself.
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  25. Fozzie
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    Fozzie Well-Known Member

    I could possibly write a science fiction story or maybe a young adult novel that I could sell the movie rights to a studio for another easy million dollars.
  26. Natasha Star
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    Natasha Star Starlet of the Year! I put passion in compassion

    We should talk. I did this. :) I bought bare land and handbuilt my own homestead from materials gathered principally from the land itself and mountains around me. :) Its intimidating to start, but once you pull the trigger and just do it, everything seems to fall in place. :)
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  27. Natasha Star
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    Natasha Star Starlet of the Year! I put passion in compassion

    I'd win a writing contest, and take that million dollars and become a venture capitalist for promising start ups.
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  28. grizzly
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    grizzly Well-Known Member

    I would either win the lottery or sell my antique book collection.

    I would off all my bills, make sure my family and those I care about are taken care.

    Than I would buy out the contracts of @Natasha Star @JadeJasper @destinistarr and give @AjaMercury @RoxyGold and @baileypaige to fund there dreams and buy all the lost puppies, kitties and starving artist a place to live!!

    If I had money left over I would rent the ranches one weekend and have a massive squirting party with all the squirters at every house
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  29. If you invest in my start up, I will make sure you get killer royalties! :)
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  30. Bet on a winning horse in the Kentucky Derby, then hire Mel Brooks to make a movie just for me to watch :)
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  31. Invent the revolutionary plastic that will be used for condoms that you for real can’t feel, then fund a free college. Then my name will be synonymous with sex AND knowledge :)
  32. Davefem
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    Davefem Active Member

    I will make my by creating a fab.

    I will spend done of it at the ranch for a week crossdressing party.
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  33. Sign up to be a test subject for medical experiments, then buy a dinosaur skeleton for my backyard :)
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  34. Fozzie
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    Fozzie Well-Known Member

    Oh my gosh! That would be the best practical joke EVER if you buried a fake dinosaur skeleton in your backyard for someone to discover decades later when they move in and revamp the property. Priceless!
  35. Ragazo Solo
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    Ragazo Solo Well-Known Member

    meet a time traveler, win big on sporting events... spend it all on taking one of the ladies on an outdate as one of the first civilians into space

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