Make a million dollars... then spend it!

Discussion in 'Games' started by RoxyGold, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. DesertRose
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    DesertRose Renaissance Lady's Rendezvous!

    I freaking love this awesome answer!
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  2. Milan Monroe
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    Milan Monroe Hey Loverboy.. xoxxo

    Invest & save.. purchase some property (residental,commercial and land) here and there and over there..
    fund a free beauty academy for the girls..
  3. Haha right?!?!? :)

  4. Awww
    I really appreciate the lovely caring thoughts you have for us ladies. I wish I had a genie to rub on, To make this come true for us all.

    Oh!! I almost forgot to say..... I am a squirter squirter squirt. And to my sisters, if you make a fountain ⛲️ of ocean like me.


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  5. I would make aa million dollars by selling out a stadium for a concert that I was singing at and then I would spend it on building a mansion from Start to finish with an amazing pool and hot tub built into the ground in the back yard :p
  6. I can’t wait to see your MTV Cribs episode! :)
  7. Write my tell-all confessions book and have Oprah and Ellen endorsing it. Then I will be able to afford all the futuristic cybernetic upgrades :)
  8. Sharky
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    Sharky Well-Known Member

    I would make my million winning pool tournaments and then pay off my debt, buy a modest house and a couple other houses for rentals. Then go back to playing pool tournaments because you can't do anything for free.
  9. thunderstorm
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    thunderstorm Well-Known Member

    That is awesome!

    May I ask, what kind of home did you build?
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  10. Old Nick
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    Old Nick Well-Known Member

    I’d write a few books, maybe create some pieces of art and sell them, then I’d start my own wrestling promotion.
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  11. Would you start a billiards academy and make yet another million by teaching? :)
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  12. Sharky
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    Sharky Well-Known Member

    No, too many people don't enjoy learning about billiards/pool. They want short cuts and they don't lije the practice and time dedication it takes. Might open a pool hall though and make it classy.
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  13. Natasha Star
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    Natasha Star Starlet of the Year! I put passion in compassion

    Passive solar straw bale, with some cob/adobe, and a live roof. :)
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  14. Make a million by getting all 20 in Keno, then spend it having Mel Brooks make a movie just for me. The more politically incorrect, the better! :)
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  15. Jim DiGriz
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    Jim DiGriz Well-Known Member

    It seems that much of the country hates other parts of the country because they differ ideologically. So I'd make a million by making an organization that shows them both how great this country is and how they can resolve their differences (and charge a small subscription fee). I'd spend it by having someone teach me guitar, more visits to the brothels, and starting every Sunday with breakfast at Denny's. (I really like Denny's.)
  16. @ChloeCakes just made a million from our Monopoly game tonight, how will she spend that Parker Brothers dough? :)
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  17. KikiLover
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    KikiLover Middle Eastern Princess

    I will win a million dollar in the lottery

    And then I will spend it buying couple beautiful condos that I can rent out and make more $ of
  18. Make a million by winning on Wheel of Fortune, then spend it on Smart furniture and appliances! :)
  19. Trade the forex market

    Buy a brothel spoil workers
  20. Rich old Aunt Matilda leaves me her fortune, and I’ll throw the party of the century at her house in the Hamptons :)
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  21. Ragazo Solo
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    Ragazo Solo Well-Known Member

    Find the Golden Owl, parley that into 1 million in a poker game at the Nugget in Sparks...……
    Take 3 ladies on an outdate to Las Vegas (and maybe see a hockey game)
  22. Marry a millionaire, then start a foundation for people to get job skills. Then hubby will be very happy to have the write offs :)
  23. win at a casino and buy property with a ranch on it and get dogs also [smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
  24. Make a million on those bit coin things, and spend it on a trip around the world :)
  25. kmerrill
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    kmerrill Well-Known Member

    I'd win by getting lucky at a casino playing Blackjack or Poker (regular or video) and I'd spend most of it making sure my loved ones are set for life.

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