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  1. Message Board Rules for message board members

    These are the changed message board rules. They have been discussed with and approved by management and have been designed to truly make the message boards more usable and less cluttered!

    SPAM – This is a general term that describes making posts for the sake of posting and in general “nuisance posting”. It is a good thing to make thoughtful posts on the message board about topics. But making dozens and dozens of posts about basically the same topic to ensure a “look at me” type post (or replying to the same post over and over while adding no actual value to the conversation) actually does more harm than good. It reduces Google exposure of the post (and ultimately the entire board). It is now the policy that the board will be monitored for OBVIOUS spam (people can use the “report” function for posts that are incorrect, wrong location, and so on) , and should this be the case, the offender will be PM’d notifying them of this, & Technical Project Manager will be notified & the posts most likely be will be DELETED

    NO FORUM CROSS POSTING – Note where a post goes in its proper place. For the forums, read the description under each forum if you aren’t sure. Games and questions and general topics of interest should go in “General Discussion”. Posts about specific ladies or their houses are listed there. Duplicate posts or posts in incorrect forums WILL BE WARNED AND MOVED OR DELETED BY THE MODERATORS as deemed necessary. COPY AND PASTED POSTS ACROSS MULTIPLE FORUMS WILL BE MODERATED AND MOST LIKELY DELETED.

    Choose your post topics carefully – Make them interesting to read. PARTICIPATE in discussions….PEOPLE WON'T READ YOUR POSTS IF THERE ARE SO MANY - The point of using a message board is to engage in discussion.. Anything more is just spam that clogs the boards and prevents people from reading them.

    Post Size - MINIMUM of 30 Characters (About 10 Words). The system will not let you make posts with any fewer characters. If you’re going to post, please make it thought worthy and not just "I like this" or some such. If you feel compelled to say something like that, don’t waste your time….use the "Like" button instead.

    Signatures - This has been covered in another forum post - please refer people to your profile page, twitter, etc where you can show off ALL your pictures, and details about yourself if you need more areas. Just remember that signatures and pictures have been restricted to a specific size.

    "STICKY" Posts - The only sticky posts that will be allowed will be approved by Madam Suzette & Dennis. Each "Bunny/Lover/Starlet of the Month" and "Bunny/Lover/Starlet of the Year" will get ONE sticky to use for their own posts as a reward for their achievement.

    COPY and PASTE posts – Any posts made that are obvious “copy and paste” from one to the next will be reported and possibly deleted.

    DUPLICATE Topics – A sticky will be made about Forum etiquette – to first use the “Search” function (it’s very good in this board) to find the information/person you are looking for so you don’t over-post. However, If more than one person starts the same topic – a moderator may need to get involved – the first person to post on the topic “Wins” and the other person will be asked to post to the existing topic. Duplicate topics will be deleted as necessary.

    “Bump” Limits – Many people are currently posting “Spam” just to keep their own threads at the top – again this adds clutter to the boards and unfortunately defeats the purpose of the boards. Therefore, once you have make a post, while you can post back to it yourself, you will not be able to affect the position of a post YOURSELF for 48 hours. Again – this will promote QUALITY posts over QUANTITY posts…If you write thought provoking, interesting topics, people will bump for you automatically by continuing the thread!!. You can still reply within those 48 hours – but your reply will not affect the position of the thread until 48 hours is up. This does not affect if someone else posts to your thread, only a thread YOU started.

    Helpful hints:

    Here are some helpful hints to help you get the most use and functions of the message board.

    Status Updates: These are shown on the FRONT PAGE of the message board AT ANY TIME– you can update your own status, but are limited to 140 characters….Use them as true status messages (much like tweets). People are here for interaction.

    Tagging: Another VERY powerful feature is the ability to put “tags” on your content. You will see the option with a field that says “tags:”. A tag is just a word or words that briefly describe what’s in the content being posted, these tags are separated by commas. The search function in the site uses them to allow people to search by them. For example, if your name is Air Force Amy, your tags in one of your reviews might be something like “Air Force Amy, review”. This way, this post will show up in searches for Air Force Amy, for reviews, but will show up highest in searches for “Air Force Amy reviews”.

    Tweeting: There is a button next to or below items you can tweet. Use it and the item will show up on twitter with a link to the message board content you want people to see.


    Rod Thompson
    Technical Project Manager
    E [email protected]
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  2. caressakisses
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    image.jpeg Great! Thank you, for creating a more pleasant posting environment. I look forward to chatting with all. Kisses Caressa [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
  3. ChicagoBob
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    ChicagoBob Well-Known Member

    Wow Freaky this is perfect! This is the change that was needed for so long. I think the boards are really going to become fun again. I'm going to buy you a drink the next time I see you!
  4. BaronRandoVJ
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    BaronRandoVJ Well-Known Member

    Yes, thanks to all who contributed to these rules. they seem fair and balanced. I also want to thank all that raised meaningful issues with this board that raised the issue to an urgent enough level for action to be taken. To all involved, great job!
  5. Thank you for creating an environment where each of us (members) can interact with multiple ladies of our choice, and get/read responses from them without searching through spam.
    Spread the love amongst the ladies, guys! Many of the veteran ladies and newer ladies have some wonderful introspective threads!
  6. Exactly! Let's ENCOURAGE interaction - check out 'General Discussion" for some great and fun threads.
  7. crumbie
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    crumbie Active Member

    Thanks freaky, I actually didn't think that this was going to happen
    I'm now curious as to how the boards will turn out... more conversations or less of the same :p we'll see
  8. Honestly, it will take time for everyone to become accustomed to the rules and to conform and abide. But once this has been done, the boards will be a much friendlier and easier to navigate place.
  9. crumbie
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    crumbie Active Member

    is it too early to start reporting? cause I just reported some posts. obvious cross posting which I'm assuming is covered in the ladies rules.:oops:
  10. Yeah - give it a few days for everyone to read the rules - some of them haven't even read the rules yet. Plus a word of advice - ladies have a slightly different set of rules (basically the same, but with a few minor differences) and are technically allowed to post in another forums in order to participate in discussions. However, they are not allowed to copy and paste their same ads from one forum to another.
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  11. kevinz0071
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    kevinz0071 Well-Known Member

    Great Job Freaky and the Mods, Dennis and Suzette
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  12. Docrocker
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    Docrocker Well-Known Member

    Freaky thank you I think this will ultimately keep the boards less cluttered and monotonous. Looking forward to seeing the positive results!! It will be a breath of fresh air....

    Last edited: Jan 10, 2016
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  13. tahoebigbear
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    tahoebigbear Well-Known Member

    Well done FG … the changes will make the board more readable.
  14. kaynine26
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    kaynine26 Well-Known Member

    Thanks FG, hopefully we will see more ladies get their fair share of exposure now, and more thoughtful responses to threads.
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    ROADRUNNER J Well-Known Member

    Thanks, and nice job Freaky. As a member for only about a month or so, I've struggled a bit to find things and focus on only the items that are of interest to me. The new rules will help for sure.
  16. Thank you Freaky and everyone that helped contribute to this .xo
  17. torontoral
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    torontoral Well-Known Member

    I appreciate all the thought and effort that has gone into this, and I hope this will end up making the boards a better experience for everyone. The only new rule I take exception to is this one: Post Size - MINIMUM of 30 Characters (About 10 Words).

    I'm not objecting to it for the reason that it was created, which is to eliminate the "I Like This" type of posting, but just because there are some witty replies that can still qualify as good content that can be stated in less than 10 words. It's unfortunate that this one has to be imposed for that reason, but I guess there's no way you can monitor and automatically shut out the ones that fall into the former category . :(

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  18. It is unfortunate but true that the vast majority of the replies fall into the category of <30 characters. However, if you add a little more thought you really can stretch a two word reply into a longer sentence by adding a few more characters. Plus, emojis do count towards this limit...In the future, once people are trained a bit, we can look at easing the restriction a bit.
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  19. Rockports
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    Rockports Well-Known Member

    Thanks for making these rules effective immediately. It's been difficult, especially in the last year, to find meaningful discussions on this forum. I hope this will make all the difference. Just keep in mind, though, this is as much about getting yo know the ladies and making a decision about with whom to party as it is to have intellectually stimulating discussions.... or sexy ones. I hope it doesn't turn away some people from making short, witty comments!
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  20. Docrocker
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    Docrocker Well-Known Member

    I read the "bump" rules again. So the person who originates the post can't bump until 48hours, even if he/she has more than one member to reply to? Then he/she would have to wait 48h to respond to the others?

    Also, this doesn't stop a member who didn't start the thread from posting incessantly so long as the 30 character limit is met.

    Please correct me if I'm reading this wrong.
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  21. Sort of - they can REPLY but their reply won't affect their position of the post.

    And no, it won't prevent anyone else from posting or bumping.
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  22. Thank you to everyone who is trying to improve the boards. I am a techie so I was able to focus my board viewing to a few who's posts I was interested in. I am hoping these changes make it so that I can widen my viewing within the forums without spending significantly more time digging around in them.
  23. Docrocker
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    Docrocker Well-Known Member

    Thanks Freaky. I believe there are positive effects already.
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  24. raz42071
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    raz42071 Well-Known Member

    This has been way overdue!!! And probably will get me back on more than I have been the past couple of years.

    Great great news and well done!!!
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  25. Simps
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    Simps Active Member

    Well done, Freaky! I appreciate all of your hard work man
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  26. raz42071
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    raz42071 Well-Known Member

    Also good point with the suggestion of choosing posts carefully since they won't all be read when they are so many from the same person. Any thought to making a limit on how many a person can initiate in a certain timeframe?
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  27. Oh thank goodness. This is the kick in the pants the board needed. At one point I was posting fairly often in the Dennis and Suzette forum only to be buried by a handful of ladies that always had to have their name show up as the newest post. Freaky you are the man!
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  28. GezabelleSinclaire
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    GezabelleSinclaire The girl you always Fantasized about

    Thanks for the info geek! Very informative!!!
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  29. I have noticed the boards have changed a bit so I find this post very useful and informative :)
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  30. Thanks for the information! trying to do it right! hehe! [smilie=i love you1.gif]
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  31. ElainaGilbert
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    ElainaGilbert Your Luxury Blonde Companion (GFE,FETISH)

  32. Still happening... endless posts from certain ladies.. over and over and over again the same posts bumped repeatedly. Does that make the boards less fun for the gentlemen? I've heard from clients that they dislike this.
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  33. raz42071
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    raz42071 Well-Known Member

    Agreed. The more I see this the less I get I get on the boards.

    I mostly don't like it because it causes many girls to not post, because they feel it's a waste of time because their posts will get buried. I'd like to see variety from all the girls across the houses.

    However I will provide a counterpoint. I am OK with it from the girls that are actually taking their time to post. Where I have a problem with it is from girls who hire somebody to post for them. It's fake and obvious when I see them in person that they are not the same person that posted. And at the point I will not party with them.

    This may not be feelings of all board members. Just my feelings on the subject.
  34. Still endless bumping and it's the reason I avoid the board so much and a few ladies have "assistants" helping them and it's getting ridiculous. If you have something daily you want to share create a daily thread instead of constantly bumping all your posts or hijacking other posts with the pointless dribble and your long chain signatures that basically take away from the point that the original thread intended to discuss.

    For the record ladies who use these tactics make my "don't speak with, don't recommend and never see" list.
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