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    so true mass posts are craigslist crap if they like you they like you there is no reason to jam yourself down there throats bugs the hell out of me
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  2. Thank you for this imformation.

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  3. I think this needs to be posted somewhere else, for the new ladies that come to the ranches and ladies that have already been here.
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    Thank you for sharing this information, it is much needed:)
  5. Nope! I'm with you 100%, I'm sure plenty of the other members are too.
    Just as much as we can be sure that there are a group of people who are the opposite of me and you over this.
    I'm a sigma male so meaningless chit chat small talk and people who need to make sounds so that there's no silence in the air drive me nuts. "Awkward Silence"-People!
    So Any/All useless communication for any purpose?
    Even if too obfuscate or rather call attention to somethin
    "Red Herring" =Fail to me.
    Especially in a place like this

    I think I'm going to be feeling that I'm very lucky I didn't come here in time to know what you guys are all complaining about looks like I'm just here in time to learn from a comprehensive set of rules and guidelines rather than have to break old habits and become accustomed to these rules
    pretty refreshing except for this board bumping that you guys think of because I've already seen it not even 60 minutes after joining
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