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  1. So, the word witch is a very broad term to me. To me, a witch is anyone who practices certain rituals to achieve a desired goal. Although witches are most popularly associated with October & Samhain, witches and magic rituals are practiced daily around the world. It's interesting to note that witchcraft is not only associated with the dark occult. Some people believe that magic rituals are practiced even within churches...rituals involving sage, wine and ash have an inherent magic to some may argue...whatever your stance on the craft, witchcraft is all around us when we make a wish and blow out birthday candles....even when we write we are SPELLing...casting a spell or intention...the power of our words...
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    Oh la la !!
    Halloween season and witches are around...
    Sophia Sun
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    I can't wait for Samhain! My favorite of the 8 sabbats!
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    The history with witches is interesting! It still amazes me how easily people were accused of being witches or practicing witchcraft and persecuted! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about witches I enjoyed this post! Happy Halloween!
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