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    KirstenSkye Sexy, Sensual, and Sweet... I aim to please!

    Here are some reviews from a few of my best experiences!! Read them then email me to plan your own unforgettable night with me!

    I am very easy going with a good sense of humor, kind soul, and giving heart. I love to make people feel good and give my all to each and every person I see! I am very genuine in my gfe but have no problem getting into character during role play scenarios. I carry myself with class but love to have a wild time in the bedroom and can accommodate many kinks! Let me make your dreams and fantasies come true!


    "After a long hiatus I found myself back at the moundhouse for an evening of fun and frivolity. The bar, the rooms everything was just as I had remembered. With two quick buzzes I was in and back through the door.

    My hopes for the evening were to catch up with Kirsten. Times have never aligned but when I had a layover and heard she was at the ranch I really wanted to meet her face to face and spend some time together! I didn’t want to do a line up as I am not a fan of line ups. I always prefer to be active doing something in the bar and see who gravitates toward a conversation and has a connection.

    After a couple drinks I got some quarters played a few rounds of pool (yes Kirsten I practiced before we played I wanted to look good for you!) finally the buzzer went off and a line up was called. @destinistarr and @AutumnVerlot had everyone cracking up. Throughout the whole night they were so much fun to listen and watch. (Matching rings and new wifey?) Seriously they are so much fun!! Thank you ladies for the round of pool, in the great quarter shortage. The entire line up was laughing hard with autumn and destini. I caught my laugh as it turned to a big smile when I saw Kirsten. She was wearing a gorgeous floral dress. Conservative but short enough to see her glorious curves! I watched her as each of the ladies sounded off. I had watched her onlyfans and followed her Twitter, but she was even more beautiful in person. The line up disbanded and and she went outside for a quick smoke. I seized my opportunity to talk to her alone without an audience.

    I had researched her a bunch and had some talking points. Those all went out the window when I saw her face to face across the bench from me. I tried so hard to keep calm and cool, but she is so beautiful. I wonder did she see how nervous I was. After what seemed like a flash, we were heading to the bar to refill drinks and play a round of pool together. I love playing games any games let it be board games, card games, video or just a quick game of pool and am competitive. Kirsten is the same. A student of many games and a strategist. She is so smart, and we connected well through great conversation. As we waited for our turn, learned so much about this starlet. I so appreciated how she trusted me to open up, it brought a new level of intimacy. And we really hit it off.

    Our game of pool came fast, and we treated it as a fun round of foreplay. Watching her bend over and get small peaks as she bent over for a shot. I was so excited watching her play. She won that first round, clearly my mind was somewhere else. I am so glad it was, she is so hot. I went to get more change and apparently pool had been popular because the bar didn’t have any change. After getting some change from destini and autumn (thank you both). We both turned up the heat and played harder(You know it). Again teasing and playing with each other. So much fun, and what a memory. When we were out of quarters we both stopped and looked at each other…I was hoping she would say she was in the mind to go to the back to talk..hoping that she felt as I did. Excited, nervous and turned on. I asked her what was on her mind and she said the same thing that is as on yours. No more discussion needed. We walked to her room and again heart pounding. Couldn’t believe I was getting to spend time with Kirsten!!

    This was perhaps a bit naughty but I could tell she was curious too. I kissed her. I am strong believer that a kiss will tell how the next few minutes are going to go…we were a match. The rest of the negotiations flew by…just like the time together. There was so much desire and drive pent up from watching and getting to know her..I was worried it was going to be a quickie. I have done a little bit of filming with ladies before but I have never lasted as long as I lasted with Kirsten! I found something new about myself with her. I was constantly excited. I don’t want to get too intimate with the details of the time…but it was beautiful. What a memory. I really didn’t want to leave and I could tell she wasn’t quite done yet either. So we went back to the bar to play some more pool. They still didn’t have quarters so I ran over to Kit Kat to pick up some. To my surprise they had karaoke night over at Kit Kat. They are doing Wednesday over there now! They didn’t have quarters either, but that didn’t stop @sindysky from helping out. She is a true team player, thank you sindy for running to bunny for us during the great quarter shortage. I also got to meet @EmberSage and @MarieBossette. Ember and Marie have beautiful voices, enjoyed listening to them sing journey! Don’t stop believing ladies! Was hard to not indulge while there. All the ladies sindy, marie and ember so beautiful! Thanks again sindy for helping out.

    Finally made my way back to sage, and to the arms of Kirsten. We played pool, slow danced to a few songs and had a wonderful couple hours of clean fun, teasing and intimacy. What a night! And a great first time back since before the pandemic. It was so hard to leave. If Kirsten had asked me to stay I don’t know if I could have said no. What a memory! Hands down best experience I have ever had at Sagebrush. Special thank you to the staff and people that made it possible, drinks were good and the process was smooth.

    Thank you again Kirsten, I am still in cloud nine. You are such a strong woman and so beautiful. Thank you for opening up and being you, and for the companionship even more so your friendship."

    ""I wanted to take a moment to post a review of my time with Kirsten Skye.

    Where to begin…I have seen Kirsten twice now and each time it has been better than before.

    When the day finally arrived for our date, I entered the lobby of the Sagebrush she greeted me with an enthusiastic hug and a peck on the lips. She looked amazing. This girl is so beautiful. She is tall and graceful and looks like she has been sculpted out of marble, but so down to earth and fun to be with. We took care of a few formalities, then went out to dinner. As we entered the restaurant, I couldn’t believe how lucky I felt to have a girl like this on my arm. All eyes in the place were on us…or on her I should say.

    We sat down and I marveled at how easy she is to talk to. It is just effortless, and she is so intelligent!!

    We talked about a myriad of subjects from astronomy to music to silly things like memes and tv shows and video games. When dinner came, I watched this girl eat a steak and I’ll be damned if it wasn’t incredibly sexy!

    After dinner we retired back to the ranch and she led me seductively back to the VIP suite…OH man, my heart was pounding!! She put on some nice music, dimmed the lights and put me at ease. It truly felt like I had known her a long time and we were old friends! She sat on the edge of the bed and swayed seductively to the music and told me to come over to her. The way she moves is hypnotic!! So, so sexy!! You absolutely must experience it for yourself, as words do not do her justice! As I got closer, she hooked her heels around the back of my legs and drew me close to her. She began kissing me deeply and taking off my shirt. What followed was an amazing experience I will never forget! I’m not going to get deep into the details, but when the lights are dim, this amazing girl can get wild!! She did things to me that made time and space stand still.

    After I recovered my breath and was able to put a few thoughts together, we got into the tub and just sat talking for a while. What an amazing girl! Never once did I feel rushed or pressured. Never was this a business transaction, but a meeting of friends.

    She gave me some time to recover, and then she was ready for more!! We went back to bed and she took me to places I had never been before.

    Don’t take my word for it…Just put some time together, and a generous budget and go see this girl! You will not be disappointed!!""






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  2. You’re looking so hot in these pictures and I love your reviews!
    Great job, girl! ;)
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  3. You look so good I love those pics thanks Austin for sharing your reviews! Guys come in and create your own experiences with this lovely lady
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    Thanks for sharing! These are great reviews! Guys this lady is genuine, super sweet, talented, and she's even a gamer! This is one lady you must experiance secure your appointment today as she books quickly!
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    Awesome reviews!!! Thanks for sharing and book your memorable party with @KirstenSkye today[smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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    Fab reviews [smilie=be mine!.gif][smilie=be mine!.gif][smilie=be mine!.gif]
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    I love reading awesome reviews!

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