RIP Dennis

Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by greeneyedude, Oct 16, 2018.

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    Wow. Now THAT'S pretty crazy news. Especially considering elections coming up and what not.

    Very sad news for everyone concerned. Condolences to all family, friends and everyone at all the ranches.
  3. greeneyedude
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    greeneyedude Well-Known Member

    Kinda odd that not a word was posted about it , so i figured I would

    Sad indeed , he was nice to me
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  4. Terrible news. He did a lot for so many, not just ladies but really making a welcome place for many, including when I was younger my first exposure to the positives of the brothel was through CatHouse.

    Just dumbstruck.

    Sincerest condolences to all his family -and the ranches were—
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    david006 Well-Known Member

    It's only been announced in the last few minutes and my guess is those at the ranches have more on their minds than posting here right now. I logged in as soon as I heard the news just to see what anyone had yet said about. I'm sure MUCH discussion will follow.
  6. Whoa...this is very, very shocking news...
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  7. I was definitely shocked to hear about this. Thoughts and prayers to the whole ranch family right now.
  8. Wow... sorry for the loss. I never met Mr. Hof, but it seems like he helped improve the lives of thousands of men and women. RIP Mr. Hof.
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  9. I meet Dennis last year what a nice man
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  10. My condolences to workers and staff of all the ranches today. I know to some in the public eye Dennis Hof was a very polarizing figure but to all of you he was the opposite of that, he was family and will be missed.
  11. Pridefc1
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    Pridefc1 Well-Known Member

    I am so glad that I was able to meet him once and shake his hand. He seemed like a great man. He did lots for many ladies. RIP
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  12. JBear
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    JBear Well-Known Member

    Just heard from 95.7 the game. I thought this was a joke. Sorry for the loss for everyone.
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  13. Broadhildt
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    If it hadn't been for Dennis I might never have known there were legal brothels in the US still. I think my very first inkling of NV pay-for-play was when I saw Dennis on TV years ago with a couple of ladies doing a TV interview.

    Rest in peace, Dennis, and deepest sympathies to all the ladies and house staffs.
  14. Nice commentary about Dennis Hof with our sympathy.
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  15. Radium
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    He was an amazing man meet him twice the last time he gave me an autographed copy of his book and invited me to go partying with him unfortunately I had other thing going on at the time and was unable to take him up on his offer. I think he could of done some amazing things in the Nevada had he been elected.
  16. Wow shocked. . . These words feel like an understatements but nothing to describe this news
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  17. All tho i never had the chance to meet Mr Hof in person from what i have seen and read and heard about him on the forum and on twitter he was a treuly loved man and will be missed greatly.

    Rest in peace, Dennis, and deepest sympathies to all your friends and family you will be missed but never forgotten
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  18. BigAlbowski
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    BigAlbowski Well-Known Member

    Rest in Peace Dennis! I never had a chance to meet you but always admired you! My thoughts and prayers to all who knew and loved you!!!:(
  19. I always admired you, wished to be like you, and never had the chance to meet you.
    I hope we'll still be keeping the Bunny dream alive.

    R.I.P Dennis, you'll sorely be missed :(

    The Canadian Dude from the Great White North.
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  20. TN_MAN
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    TN_MAN Well-Known Member

    I honestly have no in total shock!Dennis,I would like to Thank You for the times you honored me with your personal contacts.Though we never met in person.I will walk in life with the pride of knowing that you cared enough to reach out to me.Bless You...You made a difference!
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    iigreatoneii Well-Known Member

    I really do not know what to say. I was in total shock at the news of Dennis' passing. My thoughts, prayers and condolences to his family, friends and co-workers at the Brothels.

    I don't usually get into my personal life too much with many people, but I've been missing due to some things that have happened over the last couple months. I've had 3 deaths in my family, a friends mother died of pancreatic cancer, another very dear friend whose relative is ill right now and my work truck was stolen and found but missing all my tools. I finally had a week where nothing seemed to go wrong and was beginning to think things were finally going to get better, then this happens.

    I have some reviews from my recent visit that I've been wanting to finish and post, but haven't been in the mood to work on them lately. Unfortunately , I'll most likely be holding off a bit longer, as this was totally unexpected and I'm taking it hard. Dennis was a great guy, who I always wished to be like one day. I've met him a couple times and have always had a great time with him. I was looking forward to seeing him win in November as well.

    I've had a terrible couple of months, I'm just hoping things change in a positive way as this has been the most depressing, frustrating, and saddening few months of my entire life.

    RIP Dennis.

    Very tragic to hear, but you'll be with us in spirit and your legacy will always live on.

    I'm still in shock and disbelief.
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  22. jshusker
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    jshusker Well-Known Member

    Sad news he look to be in good health. I met him several times rest in peace Dennis you will be missed.
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  23. Perseus
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    Perseus Well-Known Member

    Not the October surprise I ever wanted to hear about. RIP Dennis.
  24. Sending my condolences to Family Ranch Bunny.

    Dennis is still alive in people and loved ones hearts.
  25. I had the privilege of meeting Dennis a few times during my trips to the ranch in the past even being invited with him and a group of bunnies to dinner a few times. He was always super cordial and everytime I visited and spoke to him it always seemed like he had new great plans in the works for the future of the ranch(es). I'm still shocked that he's gone now. I hope others have stories of their encounters with him as well that they can share in his memory.
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  26. Niceguy Eddie
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    Niceguy Eddie Well-Known Member

    R.I.P. Dennis. My heart goes out to the ladies and the staff. I have many fond memories of time spent with Dennis. He truly was a larger than life person.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2018
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  27. Baba1234
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    Baba1234 Well-Known Member

    I am truly sorry to hear about ranch loss. He was a great man and he will be truly missed and will always be remembered. My condolences.
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  28. Thank you so much gentleman,

    Dennis had an absolute affinity for all our message board members. He truly appreciated you and your interaction with us in this forum.

    Any message board member that ever met Dennis in person could attest, as I can, how his eyes lit up and how happy he was to meet you.

    He is the only legal brothel and multiple legal brothel owner that could be found in the parlor of all of his brothels any given day and night.

    He worked endlessly to promote us, our services and also entertain all of his customers and visitors alike as though.

    He made EVERY one feel as though they were the most important persons on earth.

    Now Dennis is one of the most important people in heaven.

    We are all reeling in grief but everything will ultimately be OK. We will all keep his legacy alive.

    We will love each other, love you and be the best we can be and selflessly serve others.

    Thank you again for your condolences. We know you are grieving too. Our hearts pour out to you. God bless!
  29. To all the ladies, you all have my deepest sympathies.
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  30. Oxman
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    Oxman Well-Known Member

    I never had the honor of meeting Dennis Hof aka Daddy D. I visited the bunny ranch yesterday and I could tell there were heavy hearts, but you could see his legacy throughout the whole place. Aspen told me what he was like and really treated me like a king even though she was hurting inside. I know it will take time for healing but everyone that works at the ranch are strong and this will make them that much stronger. My prayers are with everyone affected by this. Once some time has passed I urge everyone to show all his brothels some love and book many parties. Let us customers show how much we love these wonderful people. Until they are really give them their time to grieve and support one another. I'm for sure going to use this time to save up to support the brothels. I'm sending my love from Texas.
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  31. Adventure Guy
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    Adventure Guy Well-Known Member

    My deepest condolences to the ladies and staff. I am still in shock after hearing the news and can't believe he's gone. I had the pleasure of meeting Dennis at Suzette's birthday party last December.

    Rest in peace Dennis.
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  32. Dennis will wake up to his dogs Pat and Domino - and look on his legacy with a smile. Last time we were at the Bunnyranch must have been last November - cold, lots of snow. Karaoke night - visiting with my wife. Dennis invited us to have dinner with himself and Caressa - where we swapped travel stories, got tips on the best spa experiences from Caressa. Just one of those random nights where fun led to hanging out with good people. I can still hardly believe it...

  33. As I was catching up on emails this afternoon, I came across the USA Today story online about Dennis' passing. What a shock! I have visited the Bunny Ranch and Love Ranch several times over the years and Dennis was always the most gracious host. He, along with all working at the ranches, made me feel welcomed each time I visited. My condolences to Dennis' family, friends, and brothel family members in this very sorrowful time.

    Principal John
  34. Mercedes
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    Mercedes Bunny Babe, free spirit

    RIP Dennis. He was a great business man and knew how to welcome folks into the ranch, you will be missed!
  35. Wonderful memorial - it was fun, and deeply emotional. There was so much love in the room - hugs from Sherry Ann and Arthur.

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