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    This is awesome, Roxy. Would be a great post in itself. Great information and you've written it very well.
  2. It has indeed happened, though not often. :)
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    Thanks for sharing Roxy! xoxo
    Love learning about you!
  4. Another Top 10 coming soon for New Year's! Keep your eyes peeled! :)
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  5. Yay for another @RoxyGold Top Ten!!! (wonder if it involves her Kung Fu Death Grip--I was intrigued in another thread :) )
  6. This is a great post Roxy! thanks for Sharing!
  7. Got questions about the Death Grip, now do ya? :)
  8. The RoxyBot 3000-X Combat model with the Kung Fu Death Grip? ;)
  9. Please do enlighten me!!!
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  10. You always surprise me with new things!
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    Thank you so much for helping us get to know you @RoxyGold!!!!
  12. This is a great FAQ roxy! Thanks for sharing it!
  13. Top 10: What's in store next door at the Red Light Cabaret

    1. I heard there was a strip club around there. Where is it?

    You heard right! The Red Light Cabaret is right next to the Sagebrush! The buildings are connected, so it can be easy to confuse the Red Light and the Sagebrush.

    2. Did it used to be called something else?

    It used to be called Squeeze Play before becoming part of the Hof family in 2013.

    3. Is it fully nude? Topless? Do they serve alcohol?

    Full bar, topless ladies on stage and topless lap dances.

    4. Is it open 24 hours like the brothels are?

    No. They are open Wednesday through Saturday. Doors open at 5pm.

    5. Does sex happen there?

    Nope, just dancing happens there. It's a great place to start if you're nervous about the brothels but are familiar with going to strip clubs.

    6. Do the dancers also work at the brothels?

    Nope, it is a separate business entirely. Red Light dancers do not need to do the medical checks and background checks required of brothel ladies.

    7. If I'm in town for a brothel event, is it okay if I stop by there too?

    It is okay and encouraged! Red Light is part of all the big brothel events such as Saint Patrick's Day and Dennis's Birthday. They also have their own parties, events and promotions.

    8. How old do you have to be to get in there? 18, same as the brothels?

    You need to be 21 to be admitted to the Red Light Cabaret.

    9. If I want to go there for a while before my appointment with you and get things, um, started, is that okay?

    Of course! I want you to have all the fun your heart desires.

    10. If I want to see YOU dancing there, can we do that?

    I offer a unique role playing party called Taking Home A Stripper. Planning is necessary on this one, and a deposit is required. ;)
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  14. Great post thank you for sharing this is awesome information.
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    Awesome post!!! Book this babe today guys!!


    Bobbi Besos
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    Mind blowing hottie and a total dream maker book with her ASAP!!!!!
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    Roxy- what great great answers to some really common questions, before I became a starlet I had no clue how much we offered!
  18. Take my word for it. Taking Home A Stripper with Roxy is FUN FUN FUN!!!
    She's got all the right answers!
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    Awesome info!!! Book a party with her today!!! She is awesome!!![smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
  20. perfect top ten! thanks for sharing beautiful :)
  21. Great info babe!!!! btw i'm loving working with you at The Sagebrush Ranch!!!
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    Love It! Thanks for sharing!
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  23. If you’ve got questions, I’ve got answers! What would you like to know? :)
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  24. The Ranches have someone for everyone! Come out and see this beauty!
  25. Thanks for sharing your FAQ Roxy, I learned some really neat stuff about you girl
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    Hmmm.. What's the meaning of life?

    I mean, where's the best place you ever lived? ;)
  27. Thanks for reading, Harley! I’m glad you enjoyed it! :)
  28. Hmmm.. What's the meaning of life?

    Ha! No way could I resist that one :p

    I mean, where's the best place you ever lived? ;)

    Ooh, I’ll get on that topic for sure. Thanks, @Natasha Star! :)
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  29. Top 10: Neat places and smiling faces (thanks for the idea, @auron79 and @Natasha Star)

    1. What’s the best place you’ve ever lived?

    It depends on definition of “best”. One was an absolutely ADORABLE garage that was converted into a single, but man oh man it got either really hot or really cold because it wasn’t well insulated. One was in a notoriously bad neighborhood, but was surprisingly spacious and had beautiful postcard views of the sunset (kind of reminded me of Aladdin). I dig my room here at the Sagebrush a lot because of the nice shower and shag carpet. Maybe Santa will get me some wicker furniture for Christmas this year.

    2. What’s the best place you’ve ever vacationed?

    Sedona, AZ. It’s magical there.

    3. Where would you like to visit next?

    Nashville, TN and/or Memphis, TN. Great food, great music, and lots of American history. My kind of place!

    4. Drive or fly?

    If I have the choice, I prefer to drive.

    5. Road tripper, eh? What’s your ideal road trip?

    Going all across this great country cranking the tunes, stopping for sinfully delicious fried food and local shopping. Preferably in good weather.

    6. Have you ever traveled internationally?

    I haven’t. It would be neat, but I’m not in a hurry.

    7. Would your “vacation home” be a cabin in the woods or a villa on the beach?

    Villa on the beach or penthouse apartment in a happening city.

    8. Is God your co pilot?

    For sure! Prayer has had me running on an empty gas tank Many a time.

    9. Didn’t you just move closer to the Sagebrush? How do you like it?

    I love it so much. The air is cleaner (and thinner and drier) than what I’m used to, and the different pace of life is very refreshing. I couldn’t be happier to call it my new home, just like so many others before me have.

    10. So can we go for a drive and explore Northern Nevada together?

    Sure can! And we can make a couple of stops to go “parking” as well. ;)
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  30. Thanks for reading my Top 10’s! :)
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  31. @DesertRose asked me #9 on livestream this week! :)
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    Loooking forward to seeing more top ten facts about you @RoxyGold .
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    Sedona IS magical! Great taste, Roxy :) I highly recommend Nashville, as well. Have you ever taken the old Route 66? Roadtrip + American History!

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