Unofficial Contest... The Kit Kat Lady with the most parties and/or tips on September 28th!

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  1. kzgurl
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    kzgurl Active Member

    BRAGGING RIGHTS ARE ON THE LINE.... You will help determine which lady wins by either tipping the lady (ladies) of your choice and/or partying with the lady (or Ladies.)

    Help us by your active participation in choosing our top Kitty (Top Kitties!)

    We aim to please and our sensuous, beautiful ladies will definitely give you a run for your money'

    Keeping it real, yet fun.... Come visit the Kit Kat Ranch in Mound House!

    Tips and/or deposits can be taken over the telephone.

    775.246.9975 Option zero/ ask for the cashier
    48 Kit Kat Drive
    Mound House, NV

    Open 24/7

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  2. JessicaKitten
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    JessicaKitten JessicaKitten at kitkatranch luxury companion

    I love contests and games of all sorts. Street vibrations sounds like it's going to be a blast! I wonder who will win our little game?
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  3. NinaBux
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    NinaBux Nina Bux (aka) StarBux

    This sounds so fun what a great little contest

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