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  1. I planned a last minute trip to get away from work and treat myself for my birthday. Having been to Reno before and liking the area I decided this would be a good place to visit again. Another last minute decision I made was to visit the Bunny Ranch. I’ve been to the Bunny Ranch before and figured while I was in the area I would indulge once again.

    Looking through the profiles on the Ranch website, I came across plenty of beautiful ladies. It is most certainly a difficult choice to make. That was until I came across @AshtonGray. Those green eyes and smile are just sooo captivating. After reading through her profile, I was sure that she would be my pick. I emailed her in hopes I could set up an appointment or catch her in a line up even though I was set to arrive the next day. The phrase “The sun shines on a dog’s ass every now and then” comes to mind because during my flight to Reno, Ms. Aston Gray responded to me. Long story short, she informed me that due to personal reasons she had to take some time off but would be glad to set up an appointment if she was free.

    A day was chosen and a deposit made. I really appreciate her calling the day prior to our appointment to get to know each other a little. Being a bit of an introvert, it really helps get rid of the first meeting jitters. We were in contact with each other up to my appointment. A little cliche to say this but meeting her in-person was like meeting an old friend. Talking to her was effortless. She is absolutely gorgeous. After speak with each other in her room to nail down what I’m looking for, negotiations went easy. Miss Ashton Gray is very receptive and open to your needs and desires. She’s also very good at making suggestions to further enhance your experience. I went to the Ranch looking for the Girlfriend Experience and added in an Outdate. Having only talked to @AshtonGray for a few minutes, I knew I made the best decision I could have.

    My time spent with @AshtonGray was an absolutely amazing experience. She’s a very sensual person which is one of the things I was looking for. She’s also very attentive, alway making sure I’m having a great time. I had such an amazing time with her that I eventually turned it into an Overnight. Everything I was looking for, I received. It is by far the best birthday I have ever had.

    Miss Ashton Gray has very few boundaries and all of them reasonable in my opinion. She is not one bit judgemental and so easy to talk to. If you’re straight forward with what you want she’ll do everything to deliver.
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