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  1. Yikes! Now that is a horror story!
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    Dennis and Mama Suzette GODbless your hearts and thank you so very much for continuing the fight for legal brothel to house legal working girls to privately and safely work out of and for the clients to legally and safely enjoy [smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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  3. Yeah. That's a really sticky situation! I love that you were smart enough to get out of that situation!:)
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    I lived 20min for D.C. and I could of gone to 14th street and get a working girl but one it illegal two get robbed of three get killed . The Bunny Ranch is the safest was to it legal safe and professional
  5. I don't have any horror stories excepto for prople who don't shower or had any kind of class...Moral of the story Legal is the only way! John
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    An East Village man called an ad on for a massage Tuesday, but instead of getting a relaxing rub he was assaulted and robbed when two men showed up at his pad.

    The 49-year-old victim booked a massage at around 8 p.m. and buzzed someone into his East 12th Street building at 11:30 p.m.

    Thinking it was the masseuse, he opened the door to his apartment. But by the time he realized the two men were not the masseuse he ordered, it was too late, he said.

    “I was expecting somebody and I thought that it was that person, and then they just came in and they just pushed.

    “I said, ‘You’re not the person that I’m expecting,’ ” the victim told The Post.

    “They punched me like three, four times. In my head, my mouth . . . it’s a little cut up, swollen,” he said.

    The victim said he recently underwent surgery and has a broken ankle that made it even harder for him to fight back, he said.

    The two men snatched his iPhone from his pocket and took off, said cops, who are reviewing surveillance video.

    The victim said he thinks the robbers are part of a scam, but refused to name the company he ordered the masseuse from.

    “I think it’s something that these guys do all the time. What they’ll do is they post a picture of a guy that is not them and then they try just to rob,” he said.

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    Due to the increased use of marijuana and opioids it's becoming increasingly more dangerous and sketchy out there seeking out independents. Major cities are cracking down now on the drug portion and using the prostitution charges as leverage; for example getting busted with a working girl and she has 6 percocets on her. They bust both of you for prostitution and add charges of distribution/possession, then the prosecuting attorney will only let one of the charges be dropped so that the other one can be enforced. You're stuck either taking a drug charge or take a charge for solicitation. Not exactly a good scenario to be in.
  8. I spoke with an escort who invited a client over and when he got there he and his friend forced themselves in.
    They held her at gun point and robbed her! Scary!
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    Pretty simple answer...

    Backpage , the place is a horror show , nothing good can ever come of it
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  10. I can say from experience of working outside of Brothels that it is Not Fun or Safe! I have been kidnapped, robbed, raped, you name it...In 2015 I started working at brothels and I will never turn back. Especially now that I have a baby on the way, I cannot risk being arrested. I need to be there for my growing family! I'm very grateful that places like the BunnyRanch and LoveRanch exist, I just wish there were more readily available to women in the US, Nevada is the only place they exist. Isn't it every sex workers dream to see safe (and legal) working conditions for all sex workers? I know that I wouldn't wish some of the things I have been through on my enemies! But I also feel that a person should do what they choose to do with their body weather it be buying or selling sex. If the sex acts are consensual its nobody business what I do in my bedroom! Maybe someday we will get other states to allow brothels, maybe only in my dreams!! Thank You Nevada and Thank You Dennis Hof for your Lovely Establishments!!
  11. It was a pretty simple story ...................................
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    So I have a Horror story that has a good ending.

    It is sad to me to hear and witness the hardships of Illegality to this work. Before leaving from Seattle, a good friend of mine is an Investor and advocate for victims of human trafficking. She was sharing this story of a girl, who was stripping in L.A. 6 months ago and she was abducted and brought to Las Vegas. She was so drugged by needles and fearful for her life she did things in a drug haze she would not have done. She did not become aware or awake until one day they ran out of drugs for her. She broke free with a sweat of withdrawals and headed to Seattle to meet with my friend. Who has had a lot of success with connecting girls with a great new beginning. I am very impressed with the tenacity of this girl. This was three months ago that she broke free and stone cold sober. She is now top employee where she is working. Ok, take a moment to breathe that in. I hear this story with such compassion and realization fruitful new begginings are equal numbers to the lottery jackpot. I sit with appreciation that there are the options to pursue this work with legal support. Knowing that is an option stemming from a laborious stance for change. Thank you Dennis and Team!

    From what I see with this girl the horror story is still there, It just happens to have a lighter twist. Our social structure as a whole is slowly accepting mental health as a value. With non consented sex there is an undeniable trauma that will need attention. No different than the lottery winner who will need that financial advisor.

    About my friend. She has had great success in helping woman with connections to form a new beginning. I value the work she is pursuing on the other side. As some strong friendships can be, She is quite avidly against sex work. We love each other and our friendship allows difference of opinion. It is a new topic I am choosing to approach at a more appropriate time. With hearing a story shared from her like that felt too fresh to mention. As a flip side with a clear mind. I am in my beginning stages of my positive story to shake the stigma. I did not know what to expect coming here. Though I am glad I am here. I value what I am best at and the Ranches have the tools to help me refine my work and enjoy safely. I look forward to creating many adventurous experiences here! Xoxo
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  14. o wow this is so crazy yea I rather work at a brothel
  15. I feel that there should be a brothel in every state myself. It would take away from the trafficking, the pimps and abuse. Plus, we pay taxes, so it helps everybody. ;);)
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  16. Omg! That is a horror story!!! :(
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  17. These are truly horrific! I'm so glad places like the Bunny Ranch exist!
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  18. An old friend had fallen upon hard times and had to move to a cheaper duplex in a seedy part of town. She quickly became aware of ilegal prostitution and drug trade going on in the area. She was horrified to find her toddler son playing with a used/soiled condom on her porch and to find used syringes in her yard.

    A couple friends and I moved her to a better neighborhood and helped with her rent until she could get on her feet.
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    I agree the bunnyranch is the safest way
  20. Well. I had a few buddies try to get me to have sex this stripper to lose my virginity.said hell no. One my buddies ended sleeping with her . Not only did he get her pregnant but also got crabs and gaunerea. Yeah glad I didn't do that. Didn't lose my virginity til 20. Cause that scare the hell outta of me

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    This is one of the reasons I believe prostitution should be legal across the country. So stuff like this won't happen. Safe,clean and fun for everyone! Legalize it already!!!
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    THANK YOU Daddy D for creating Wonderland for America.... Love you!!![smilie=i love you1.gif][smilie=hot over you.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif]

    Happy Valentine's Day
    [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
    #NIN Rose Reznor
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  23. I don't want anyone else to fall victim to these horror stories!
    We are a safe, discreet place! :) There's no reason not to come see us!
  24. Very true!.............................
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    I can't believe the crazy and scary stories of illegal sex work! Just come here where it's safe and clean
  26. The safest way to go is working at one of Dennis Hoff Brothels. We are safe here we have a panic button in rooms in case anyone wants to act up help is a buzz away. I'm so happy to be a part of Daddy D family! Living the Dream.
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  27. When I was brand new, a couple of ladies I was working with at the brothel decided to do a "walk-about" together... to go to Vegas to see how they could do there. The plan was for them to stick together for safety - but one got intoxicated and passed out. The other lady answered a call and went to the client's room by herself. He ended up raping & beating her and stealing her purse and everything she had with her. Of course, she felt she couldn't go to the police because she would have to also admit why she was in a stranger's room in the first place. Just really happy he didn't kill her. She's back in the brothel now, thank goodness!
  28. Coming to a legal brothel is your safest option to have fun and release stress
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    There should be a legal brothel in every country, if there were I would not have been robbed
  30. There should be legal brothels in our country like it was before WWI!!! Pres Wilson outlawed prostitution during WWI for national Security..which was wrong...We need to have prostitution as a legal professin once again! xxooxoxoxox
  31. I heard about a girl who stole a customers watch in a hotel room and shoved it up her meow.
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  32. I also heard about a girl who got her money stolen by the customer after their session and she chased after him. She was in a multi story hotel and almost fell off one of the rails.
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    Some of this is harrowing. Thankfully not every situation is lawless or without rules.

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